why mod a V6?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by big o car 4.6, Nov 29, 2003.

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  1. Well, in a word yes. Could you afford one, most likely not. When the car debued in 82 it was set for 100 unit production. 215 were actually made. The car looked fantastic, but under the hood was a somewhat enimic 125HP 4.1 liter V6 power plant.

    The car came back in 84 sporting the 200HP 3.8L turbocharged V6 we all know and hate... unless it was our car of course, and the rest is history.


  2. Understood, and I wasn't trying to imply you were wrong.

    My point was that throughout much of the 80s V8s in Mustangs had significantly less than 200 HP. The numbers were presented to illustrate that.
  3. maybe they cant afford a v8
  4. was that really a grand national though?

    or was it just a buick regal?
  5. I did not say you could buy one, I was making an apples to apples comparison. Naturally aspirated vs naturally aspirated as a starting point for mods. I know one thing, I ran into a GN after we both left a car meet one night in my 67, and I dusted his azzz off. :D
  6. Yeah, I think your right. But you could also get a Regal T-type that was turbo for a bargain over the GN.
  7. It was the initial release of the Grand National and was THE real thing, but more in the form of a pace like car reproduction - all show and no go. It was black and silver, not all black and was badges as a gn. They are the rarest of them all and will cost you the same, if not more than a gnX if you are lucky enough to find one that's in original condition with the 125 HP poop plant. Just do a search on the GN. The info is all over the net. :shrug:


    The turbo regal was the best of the bunch for value. There was a bit of info on a "Special T", A T-Type interior produced with the GN body in 87, but I didn't read much about it... This was the last year for the rear drive platform so I guess they needed to get rid of all the parts and made due when they ran out of GN interiors. This T was probably the 235HP engine though. I don't think McLaren modded engines were used for them.


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  8. god, will this thread ever die?
  9. don't think so
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  15. if it wasent for the v6..the "mustang" would have died like the fbody...the reason one opts for a v6 is usually $ not because they want the v6 but its what there budget allows...why didnt you gt owners buy a mach 1 or cobra?..obviously it was a money issue you youd be driving that flashy cobra...and last but not least ..you can modify anything be your computer,motorcycle,tv ..why cant you modify a v6?..they mod 4 bangers.........dont trash someone cause they cant afford a gt or better..be happy that they help keep the "mustang" alive
  16. At least it is a MUSTANG!!! Not a Civic!
  17. It's not even that......I could be rollin around in a Saleen if I wanted the upkeep with it (no garage). I like a challenge.....my first car was a Mustang II and nobody likes them on most occassions, but I have it done tastefully and will stomp most other cars. With the V6, it looks like a V6 from the rear...but when you hear the whistle and see the fact that I'm putting more power out at the wheels than some of the older 5.0's had at the flywheel, it's something to be proud of. Sure I could've went out and bought an 03 Cobra, but what fun is that? I like starting with a car that has looks, and then give it power to back it up.
  18. I bought a 1999 six-cylinder because that was all I could afford at the time. I got it for $5500. I started to save money and now i'm doing the swap, supercharged that is. The suspension had about $2500 into it when I bought it, including 13" Baer Brakes. And after selling off all the mods I didn't like, I got the body: rims, spoiler, hood, etc.. looking like a 03' Cobra. After the $4000 swap and $2000 on other suspension and transmission mods, I will have 400hp car for under $12000. Thats the price for a... GT I'd say.
  19. why is this thread still going??
  20. I agree with him, why mod a V6, heck they come with 195hp now days and that is to easy.

    Heck my four banger stock makes V8 look twice, once I finnish my current mods they better ask them selves this: "Is there replacement for Displaement?" :D

    Now the reason I think most people mod a small motor, is it don't give anyone any room to complain about loosing to us :D If we beat a ricer in a V8 they would give that crap, "that you got 2-4 more cyl than I do speech." With my 2.3T only a Metro has a smaller motor than me. Yes I'm running a turbo but off 20 year old technoigy that takes skill and lot of trips to the J/Y to keep it running so its not as easy as one would think. There is no bolt on power adders to these cars except a bigger turbo, but you have to know how to get the car to use it.

    Now if your in a small motor with lets say a 3000.00 2.3T car and you beat lets say a 90,000.00 V10 Viper :rlaugh:

    P.S. Best advice I could ever give is read a book called. " Milloniar Next Door."
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