why mod a V6?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by big o car 4.6, Nov 29, 2003.

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  1. LIVE i SAY! Can you hear(bump) me now? goooooood
    2.3T power! ;) v8's awesome, i4T cool, v6...kept the mustang alive granted and kudos to you. not bad, not awesome, but hey...gives everyone a chance to own a piece of the 'dream' :flag:
  2. In a nut shell that is what happened :flag:

    A' Man :D
  3. the 82 GN came with a 165HP 4.1L v6 with a quadra-jet 4bbl
    and a 3.8l turbo 2bbl. out of 215 made only 16 were turbos

    and i`ve got a .030 over buick N/A 3.8L in my garage with 350hp. these engines are a very good design and and offered more hp/cubic inch than the ford smallblock (untill better heads for the ford became available) but at a higher cost.

    the ford 3.8 was copied from the buick engine with heads derived from the 351 cleveland.
    the ford engine is almost 100lbs lighter than the buick and is a betterdesign overall
    betterflowing and aluminum heads with a far better rocker design
    lighter block with no usless skirt like the buick
    on center block design to eliminate the offset con rods the buick had
    crankshaft with larger mains and rods than the buick or 302
    the 3.8 ford is a great engine to built
    if it wasn`t why was it chosen over the 302 block by ford to make the 4.5L indy v6. ford already had the v8 why go with the v6 for indy? it`s a better design that`s why.
    the fact is that 2/3`s of all sn95`s were 3.8`s so all the v8 guys that say it`s a waste to buy the 6, should thank all the 6 owners for keeping sales high enough to keep ford from axing the stang


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  4. The GN's and GNX's are VERY nice but I would buy a T-tpye Regeal. Something like a 86-87', they got the speed of a GN but looks slooowww :nice: My friend had one we pulled all the turbo badges off and swaped wheels, heck you couldn't tell crap about the car. The car looks just like that pic posted here. The best part about the car was the fact that he payed 25000.00 for it and ran as fast as a 10,000.00 GN.
  5. here`s a good reason to build a 6 buick or ford


    this was not a turbocharged car and displaced about 4.0L since the ford was based on the buick than what can be done to the buick the same can be done to the ford

    so much for v8 guys saying you need a power adder on a 6 to go fast
  6. its as simple as this..you mod it cause you want to, why did lil girls stick streamers on there bikes as kids instead of just buying one with it? cause they wanted to! i look at it like this, if i beat a gt in my 6, its an upset, if they beat me, its expected, a 6 has nothing to lose and everything to gain in racing a v8, anyone ( in general) can buy a fast car, its making a fast car that is all the difference, now put this why mod a v6 crap to rest eh?

  7. Its Kinda the same thing when I ask

    "Why mod a NON-PI SOHC 4.6?" becuase im pretty sure the 99+ V6's are almost as fast as those V8's :)

    Becuase its fun, and there is less investment. Im sure a lot of people on here enjoy there little 6 bangers! I think its awesome what you can do with a 6

    I used to love playing with my Second GEN probe a long time ago! (Just got to where it wasnt as fun anymore)

    I do however despise the sound they make ...ick :notnice:
  8. why mod a v-6? When those gas prices hit $3.00 a gallon guess who will still be out on the street :-D
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    ...and remember its not kids in cars that cause accidents, its accidents in cars that cause kids. So keep it wrapped up! :D
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