Why No 2005-10 4.0l Or 11+ 3.7l Dohc V6 Forums ?

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  1. Why isn't there separate forums for the 2005-10 4.0L or 2011+ 3.7L DOHC V6 engine platforms ?
  2. Because there aren't enough members of each to make those forums viable.
  3. Maybe if you offered it more people would flock here.

    AFM is loaded with 2011+ V6 member's posting. LOADED !

    See for yourself...


    Why not offer that here as well ?
  4. That link is a good example:

    There were only 18 responses from that forum that were from 18 DIFFERENT individuals in the last 24 hours. Of those responses, only one non-sticky thread was specific to the 3.7. The rest of those threads were body and suspension which (except for the driveshaft on the '12 up) are common between GT and V6. There's even a thread in there that COMPARES a 2008 to a 2013! o_O

    Most everything else is, "Look at these wheels", "How does this exhaust sound", or "What kind of fogs should I get"... all questions that are more specific to body or the Talk section than motor (which is why the forums are broken up here the way they are). All that kind of stuff can go into the general S197 portion of the forums. We've sectioned off the motor to the 6 cylinder segment so that folks would have an easier time searching.

    That said... If you like, I can setup some tags in that forum to make it even easier to break threads down into 3.7 for 4.0, if you think that might help.

    As it is, I see threads in our V6 forums like, "Steering wheel replacement" and "See my new rims" :doh:

    If we continue to break things up into smaller and smaller forums then they tend to just die from inactivity.