Why no grill???

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  1. I just bought a 2003 cobra and there is no grill. It's just open to the radiator. Is this designed like this or is ford just cheap. Also, why no cobra emblem in the grill, it's got a mustang. I want a cobra!!
  2. That's how its designed. As far as the snake emblem, you can pick them up on ebay for $20. I needed a torx screw to get the emblem off, so check to see whats holding yours on, as you'll probably need the same.
  3. Yes, all of the late-model cobras came that way from the factory. The "snake" insert which you see in the grille of many cobras is a very popular exterior modification. You will need a tamper proof (security) torx bit to remove the factory "running pony" in the grille. You can pick up an entire set of these torx bits for $5 at a local auto parts store. Many online vendors stock the "cobra grille insert," such as PPI
    ( http://www.mustangparts.com/int_ext.htm - scroll down towards the bottom to view the "Cobra "Snake" grille emblem" choices). :cheers:

    "How-to" article:

  4. The last grille (honeycomb-style) in a Cobra was in 1996, which was removed to reportedly help cooling problems. IMO, I like the bare look myself. One thing that most cars today don't need is more cheap-looking plastic stuck here and there. If you look at the old Shelbys, a lot of them have that bare radiator look too.
    As for the Mustang-Cobra emblem...its a owner's perspective, but I like the Mustang better so I've left it where it is. To me, the Cobra just doesn't feel out the largely horizontal grille opening like the Mustang and afterall, it is still a Mustang. It says so right on the passenger-side air bag cover. :D