General Why No Love For The 25th Anniv Mustangs?

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  1. Just curious? These don't seem to get much respect. Seems like a Silver Anniversary edition would be more cherished.
  2. There was not a specific 25th Anniversary edition built. Ford only added a simple badge to the dash during that model run. Now, as for the 20th GT-350 editions? There should be.
    BTW, Like that 7Up vert.
  3. Maybe I meant to say 7 Up Ltd Ed Mustangs.

    Not that I'm a historian, but even though there was no "official" 25th anniversary ltd edition model, the 7-up ltd edition convertibles were the only ltd run of that year and as a result are pretty much what many would consider to be the defacto 25th Anniversary edition that you can look back on, complete with the 25th emblem on the dash. The only one with a specific NADA entry.

    I don't want to start any argument about whether or not it is the 25th Anniversary model, that wasn't my intent. I am really curious about why they don't get more respect than they do. Obviously I'm biased since I have one, but since I'm not planning on selling mine anytime soon it's more of a point of curiosity rather than anything else. People seem to get more excited about the ltd ed 92 and 93's? I always thought they were a great car, the only drawback being what a PITA it is to keep the white interior clean.
  4. No argument here, I think the 7Up is probably the best looking Fox vert ever built. I wanted one so badly when it came out. I was all of 20 and broke. The "Feature" cars were pretty nice as well, the triple white is my fav of the two.
  5. 25th right here Whaut Whaut!!!!!
  6. And the badge doesn't even say anniversary. It simply says "25 years"
  7. The 7-up cars were cool cars, but they weren't 25th Anniversary Edition models. They were a joint promo cooked up by 7-up and Ford at the time. Neat idea, but they were only intended as a promo....nothing else. Ford really dropped the ball on this venture. It's too bad really.....I'm sure it would have been to much to ask for any performance enhancements, but maybe a limited run, a set of special wheels, a few interior accents....maybe a dash plaque.....something....anything would have been nice for the 25th.

    ....all I got out of it on my '90 was a "25-years" dash emblem. :(
  8. Actually, i think Roush wanted to release a TT 351-powered car as an anniversay model, but the beancounters at Ford didn't want a 400+HP Mustang at the time. A lot of the styling cues were carried over to the 1993 cobra though
  9. i got the ultra rare 25th anniversary dash plaque on my car too :cool:
  10. nice lil tool there. Only thing I see is there there a few grand difference from an 89 GT to a 90 GT and they have the 90 listed as 25th anniversary. How about us late 89 guys that have the 25th anniversary emblem, ala 89.5
  11. cancel that, they only have a 90 GT convertable listed as a 25th anniversary model? :shrug:
  12. They didn't badge all 89s, just after the anniv date 4/89. Mine was built 2/89 and didn't have it.
  13. + Carolina dealers had some white lx's in 89 trimmed with red graphics of 25 the Anniversary on the rocker panel and all had red interior not sure how many though.
  14. my baby is for sure a 25th anniversary... and ill fight to prove it :)

    you forget we are the First year of the MAF which drove 5.0 power boost generation!!

    no MAF no massive aftermarket performance industry ;)

    ill take that over most mustang anniversary years!

    so we have allot more than just the awesome badge and never let anyone tell you otherwise!
  15. *cough*....the '88 California cars got MAF first. *cough*
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  16. The 25 year badge was installed on ALL Mustangs built on and after April 14, 1989. They were supposed to be stopped 1 year later on the same day. Ford made over 200K Mustangs in '89 and expected the same for '90. Sales were half of '89's number at approx 90K. They had all these extra 25 year badges, so they finished the '90 model year adding those badges to ALL cars. They were going to make an anniversary model, but the person heading the program was called to "Desert Storm" so they just added parts and such from the parts bin and contracted with 7-UP/Dr Pepper for the contest. Ford released their cars to the public before the contest and the contest was cancelled by 7-UP. I own one of the 'PUBLIC' cars. 4,103 were made. 1,360 5-speeds and 2,743 were AOD's.