WHY oh WHY????

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  1. One of my wonderful co-workers who is familiar with my fondness of mustangs sent me this lovely picture this morning. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I know this is the classic board and the picture is a Fox body but I know that everyone else here will share my sentiment. Some people just need to be eliminated from the genepool. I have graciously renamed this the Redneck Ricer Stang.

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  2. I guess he/she can't afford the other 12 wheels!
  3. And i don't even see a hitch. :notnice:
  4. gotta open the hatch-back
  5. He's saving up to convert it to Dualies

  6. thats where the fifth wheel is.
  7. hmmm...so what's wrong with it?
  8. Bet that sucker is layin down so crazy torque numbers with its wopping diesel. Some people are just....creative to put it nicely...