Why Pass 05 and wait for 06??

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  1. Ok...

    So I have the delema of figuring out if I should sell my '67 to make way for an '05 (budget reasons) or....wait for '06 for a 'so-called' better pony according to what people have been saying and maybe be able to afford to keep both by then.

    I guess the question is, what is going to be the supposed difference for an '06 that is going to be better than an '05 coming out?? I can't seem to figure out the full pro's and con's.

    Just wondering if anyone could shed a bit o' info on this subject.

    Thanks!! :)
  2. I dont know if there are any facts as to why an 06 might be better. I think the most people are thinking the 05 could have some kinks, and by waiting a year some of those problems could be worked out. Just my guess.
  3. I violated the rule of never buying the first model year of a car with my present every day car and am regretting it. The thing has had several serious problems over the past year, and they keep coming. The only thing that is keeping me sane is that Volvo has great service (even if they are owned by Ford) and they always give me a loaner.

    If I was out of a car every time it was in for service i would have gone postal by now.

    Let others be the guinea pigs, especially if you would have to sacrifice to get it.
  4. SVT Cobra model will be offered in 06,, that is probably why I am going to Wait... Lee
  5. Wait for '06 and keep both. If you like your '67, then you don't want to regret losing it down the road. If space is an issue and you have to be one of the first to own the '05's, then go for it. But, what's one more year?
  6. I have owned 2 first year models and never had one single problem. The last one was a 2000 Impala and the only thing that was ever done to it is was regular service. I have faith that year one of the next generation of Mustang will be just fine. Think about it, they are testing the crap out of it over 9 months before actual production starts. I am going to get one and I am confident I will not be disappointed (I hope those don't turn out to be "famous last words")
  7. My brother once bought a Dodge Intrepid that was manufactured in the first 6 months of production. It was a great car when it was working but it had more than it's share of problems. This is a more extreme example but here are the highlights that I know of:

    -front bumper that spontaneously developed a stress crack due to the cold weather, a well known fault for these cars in regions where the temp. can get to -40 Deg. He had to jump through all kinds of hoops to get it fixed. Meanwhile, the crack just got bigger and bigger.

    -a fuel rail that that sprung a leak and started spraying fuel. I'm not sure but I think that car had a molded plastic fuel rail. Might have been another cold weather issue.

    -Tranny failed completely and needed replacement. Car had a lot of highway miles on it but I can't say exactly what the total mileage was.

    -While driving the car to the dealership to trade it in, the motor seized. The car was maybe 4 or 5 years old at this time, high mileage, mostly highway.

    Hell, even the new Beetle went through a few recalls and quality upgrades in it's first year of production. That wasn't even a completely new car.

    I suspect the new Mustang probably won't have too many problems in the first year, as I think ford has learned it's lesson from all the shaky new product launches it's had over the last few years. But the likelyhood of having the typical minor new car glitches is enough to make my want to wait till MY06.
  8. They always improve with time. The one to get is always the last year before the model change when the product is the most evolved and deals are the best. But the only bad part is that the new model will always be better, even with any first year problems. In this case it is a quantum leap. I can't see how anyone could buy an '03-'04 Mustang with this new one looming on the horizon, unless you trade cars every couple of years.
  9. They should be just fine for a first year car. As far as the concerns with problems. I wouldn't worry too much. Cars can have problems any year they are build. My friend bought a dodge ram. 3 years ago not the first year of it's production. It just recently lost 2 of it's 10 cylinders at 78k miles. He has also had other problems with it (Cruise control died,etc). If you wait for the perfect model year. Then you might as well not buy a car.
  10. I'm waiting b/c i've always told people not to buy the first year of an all-new model. Plus its the first new platform in 25 years. Also, gettin an 06 lets me save up on helluva down payment and time for the aftermarket to develop. I really want on 05, but i'm gonna wait it out.

  11. Oh man, such decisions.

    Still sounds like most people are kinda 50/50 about buying 05 right away or waiting for 06. I still don't know what I'm gonna do. DEFINATELY, will be test driving the 05 without a doubt!!! (silly statement I know--ha!) But advice from someone from another thread said I'd be dumb to get rid of the 67 in leu of an '05 (more or less stated). I'm familiar with the car, know the 'ins and outs' of it... LOVE it....so why get rid of it and kick my self later?? (seems to be what I hear from folks who have at one time or another done the same!) ARGH. Guess it's just a case of I want both...but really can only have one (at least at this point)...so ..... hmmmm maybe taking the '06 route is better. :shrug: Time will tell.....

    Who knows...the way things are going...by '06 we may be all getting 'hybrid' Stangs :rlaugh:
  12. I'm going to wait, but not because I'm worried about problems. I just want a Cobra :nice:.

  13. The only reason to wait for an '06 (besides the SVT) is if you want to save up some extra money for the down payment. After the Focus ****up, Ford knows full well that a car as critical to the company image as the Mustang has got to be perfect. Sure, there will probably be a couple of recalls for minor things over the first couple of years, but there's never been a car made that didn't have a recall at some point early on (well, except maybe the first 2 or 3 decades of cars when recalls didn't really happen).
  14. I am in the same position as you. Buy an '05 GT or wait another year to see what Ford throws out there. However, I would not sell your '67 to buy a new Mustang. Your '67 will get more attention (we all like to see those heads turn when we drive by) than the '05 since a lot more people will have them. Also, nothing beats driving a classic :hail2:

    My main objective before I decide to buy an '05 or an '06 is to get my '65 Mustang finished, which should be done sometime this year. However, with my new / first "real job", I get a raise after 6 months. This happens fall in August right around when the '05 is released. I am looking anywhere from a $3600 to a $7200 raise. I will then continue to get raises every 6 months for the first two years.

    I would love to get rid of my '96 Probe which is my everyday car and get an '05 GT. However, given that I will receive three raises by next August, an '06 Cobra would be killer! Plus, if they don't release a Cobra in '06, I am sure they will throw out a Mach 1 or other limited production Mustang.

    Ah decissions :rolleyes: Howerver, the choise between an '05 GT or an '06 Cobra is better than deciding between my first used car when I first started driving 8 years ago :D


  15. I'm waiting for the 2009 re-design.
  16. All I can say is every time I've sold one of my classic cars I've regretted it. Don't sell your 67 if you can avoid it.
  17. My reason is my insurance company said only if I wanted another house payment to insure my car. :notnice:
    Other peoples reasons would likely be completely new and untested engine on a completely new and untested chassis. Let 10,000 test drivers, I mean new owners, take her out and put her through a couple a thousand miles of road, endurance, and abuse tests. Let them work out and report all the kinks.
  18. I wouldn't buy a first year model because of the 96GT that I have. I have gone through 2 cracked intakes. The car has no mods and my wife drives it...in other words the car was babied.
  19. To add to my earlier post...yes, hang on to the '67, especially if it's causing you no problems; the value will only increase.

    Deciding whether to wait for '06 should be based on you. If you're critical of purchases and hang onto cars for a long time, then wait. If you're buying the new Mustang impulsively and to show off, then 2005 is the year. Once these cars are released for awhile and begin to become common, the excitement is going to fade.
  20. Not true. I owned a 2001 Dodge ram...the last of the 94-01 ram style. I had a torque converter disintegrate on me and they had to replace the torque converter and do a transmission rebuild @ 10k miles, i had a total of 6 shocks replaced, i had pcm reflashed for pinging issues, i had the gauge cluster replaced twice and in 3 times to be fixed (my gauges would go dead on occasion and i could drive but had no readouts on the dash). At that point i was so sick of it and i wasn't able to claim lemon laws yet that i decided to get a mustang. I traded the **** out and got the mustang and i could not be more pleased i did it. Also, had my shackles replaced and bushings installed to prevent squeaking rear suspension. It was simply a nightmare.