Why Pass 05 and wait for 06??

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  1. I've noticed a trend here...Dodge makes crap no matter if it's the first year or the last of the particular model. Hence the reason I have never owned and never will own a Dodge. I don't care how cool some of their cars look.

    Related Dodge crap story. A buddy of mine was going to buy a Sebring convertible (and not the first year of production either). It was used but only 6 months old with nearly no miles. The dealership let him have it for the weekend and he decided to take it on a 180 mile trip. He went to wash it and he said it litterally was raining inside the car. Then he started to drive for the trip, it broke down half way. He had it towed back and told the dealer "forget it". My brother-in-law bought a new Neon in 2000. At 17000 miles the transmission went. At 19000 miles rear main seal. At 22000 miles it got t-boned and was totalled. He said it was a blessing from god to get rid of that pile of crap. I have owned a few Fords and many GM's I never in my life had any large problems with any of them until they were really old and/or had a lot of miles. My 68 Mustang had 112000 miles when I got it and it had been in 4 accidents and one wrote it off (that was when I got it, writen off). I put it back on the road in 9 months and drove it trouble free for 2 more years. It was a great car.
  2. I will be waiting for an 06 or 07 mainly because it will be harder to will and deal a lower price when it first comes out. I am guessing that there will be kinks and they usually make small refinements in the latter years, like adding more power or offering better options.

    This is apples and Oranges but Corvettes had little kinks when the C5 came out and were not totaly refined until the 99 models. When they offered the Z06 in 01 they only tuned it to 385 Hp and Heads Up display was not even an option. Due to consumer demand for the HUD and more power they uped the power to 405 and HUD came standard my .02.
  3. Yea i dont believe there is going to be necessarily a huge difference in quality after the first year. There will only be a slightly higher % chance of a problem occuring beind the first year but nothing significant. As long as ford continues to focus on quality control things like outsourced parts (ignition differentials etc.) be ok in the end as the bad apples will usually get filtered out in the quality control process. Its situations like all these dodge examples that are the real issues for automanufacturers. When there is no significant process for quality control outsourced parts nearly always cause major issues.

    The only reason as stated above that you should not buy an 05 is if you want to wait for a special edition and/or you would like to wait till the 3000-5000 off discounts start rolling it...trust me they will because the need to sell cars will force the prices down to move the cars off the lots.

  4. When I say kinks I am not necessarily stating quality problems. You are right I am sure quality will not be a huge issue. Mainly it will be with the overall design process. Whenever you start from scratch with a new design on drawing board there is always the potential of engineering problems to arise after the process has gone through the initial testing stages. Especially when you talking about a very complex system with all the componentry. As much as you try to forsight trouble areas in advance there always is that one item that slipped through cracks.

    The design process is an evolving process where they take feedback on different issues and come up with soulutions to these problems may arise. It could be something as simple as the placement of switch for example. More power to people that get it early that is the only way the engineers can get the feedback for improvements.

    I am sure I would enjoy 05 as much as a latter model I am just that way when it comes to buying stuff.
  5. Me too. :drool:

    That will give it two years to work out the kinks, before I buy my next Mustang in 2011.
  6. At least from my experience in buying first year models, the biggest incentive to wait, is that some options and features aren't ready for the first "job1", and get introduced the next model year.

    Basically, the designers run out of time, and can't finish everything they planned and wanted. So, some things get put on a temporary hold, and get finished later.

    So, the best time to buy, is the second or third year. After that, the bean counters take control, and start removing options and features. I mean, look at the SN95. By 1997, the better front GT seats (side and thigh boosters) were gone, the rear seat leather was gone, the glove and underhood lights were gone, the functional side scoops were gone, etc, etc, etc.
  7. why would you possibly be worried about 2009 remodelling? We dont even know it will be remodelled that soon and not do we know anything about how it will look.

  8. Buy a Dodge, and you're on your own buddy! :rlaugh:

    I remember the '01 385 hp Z06 that sucked oil down like no tomorrow, but GM never officially admitted there was a problem. But they changed the ring package anyway on the '02 and it went away... :bs:
  9. Thats true I the 01's did burn more oil. Supposedly they made the rings looser to allow for less drag. This caused excessive oil to burn.

    The only thing I notice on my 02 is if I shut the engine down without warming the car up from a cold start I get a small amount of piston slap when I turn it off. It dissipears when the engine is warm. Thats why I let the car warm up to 150 degrees before I get on it.
  10. Cobra comes out 2006, thats what im waiting for. :banana:
  11. Here is why to wait for an '06:

    It will be CHEAPER!!! There will be gobs of hype on the new Mustang, and dealers will (initially) get paid over MSRP. Anybody remember the PT Cruiser craze?? Wait a year until supply meets demand and the rebates come back.
  12. I got a 95GT which is a 2nd year production vehicle and it shares many of the same kinks that came with a 94. My only regret is not waiting for the 96 & up cobras. I don't think another year is gonna make a difference. However, I still plan on getting a new style stang. I read some where on this forum that ford moved production to a more proven facility to ensure quality. Don't know for sure if this is the case.
  13. Wow! Too many good posts to quote! Thanks. :hail2:

    Everybody seems to have good opinions about the bottom line of my delema.... sell '67 to make way for '05 or not.

    I like some of these opinions, for example:

    1. Big hype on new '05 design...but eventually will die down and everyone will still appreciate the classic as apposed to eveyone having an '05 out there.

    2. PRICE. Yeah, after awhile price will drop and rebates will start coming out. Maybe better to wait for that...for us 'budget restricted' folks.

    3. 'Special' models...like Cobra...will be out later...and hey, if your gonna go new...guess it would be cooler to go 'all the way'! ha.

    Hmmm....lots of good stuff brought up in conversation. I guess I'm starting to feel the need to 'hold back' and wait and see what happens and not 'jump' on the '05 right away. Don't get me wrong....I still think they are gonna be one helluvah ride! :D

    Who knows, maybe I'll wait till 07 and then I'll have a 67 and 07! Oooh kinda like twins...but not. hehe....(ok that was silly) :rolleyes:

    Thanks again!!! This has been a BIG decision making help!

    - N.

    "Ah...if I could only have my cake and eat it too...oh, yes, one day it will be mine."
  14. Correct. Also there are those old rumors about the 3v having valve problem - I don't know if that has been dispelled yet or not. The 3v engine does fine in the f150 :shrug:
  15. "I can't see how anyone could buy an '03-'04 Mustang with this new one looming on the horizon, unless you trade cars every couple of years"

    Because I don't like the current rendition of the new body style. The mach1 makes as much power and it was 23500 out the door. For Gt and 6 cylinder drivers people will be turned off by the initial price. Either way I will have the mach paid off by 2008 which svt or its new variant usually waits two years between variants largely due to exclusivity. I will not go through a repeat of a 99 cobra debacle and I really love this body style.

  16. I wonder if it will take till '06 for incentives on the new stang to appear. With high gas prices, and considering how fast incentives have hit on the new F-150, if you wait just two or three months you may be able to save a couple thou.
  17. I can understand if you just don't like the looks of the new car yet, but for me personally, I have owned five Mustangs since '84 with the same junk for a platform, and this car('05+) is a quantum leap over your Mach 1(and my '98 Cobra) in every way imaginable. I do love the Mach 1, and its wonderful engine - wish I had it in the '98.
  18. Ouch! 2011? WTF? Anyhoo, it will be hard not to want to get one as soon as you start seeing them roll down your street. I am hoping that high gas prices force Ford to make discounts/rebates/cash back or 0% financing offers on the new models. It is not a great time to be driving a V-8. That being said, I still can't wait to get one.

  19. Ha. Yeah I agree.
  20. i was debating about it the longest time between getting a 03,04 cobra or just wait it out for the 06 cobra, my decision was buy a daily driver and start savin for the 06 cobra(350gt) it will have around 420-430 hrsp a ford rerpesentative told me at the car show because of course ,they have too "outdoo" their last cobra he said besides the horsepower they are gonna modify a couple of other things, didnt say what, but another reason why i want the 06 cobra is its different theyres too many of the older 04 body styles and below on the road plus the new one looks classicy and different, i was deciding on leasing a 04 cobra just too hold me out untill i bought the new one but i decided getting a daily driver would be best because of the gas mileage, on the cobra it is (15road/22hwy), and the fact if a newer mustang that came out you would want the cobra that you are leasing too have the lowest mileage and stay in the nicest condition so you can get the best trade value outta it,another note you cant modify leased vehicles worth ****, plus the ford representative said they were gonna make a special edition stang each year after this body style comes out, i think buying the new gt is a waste of good money for 300 hrsp especially if you can save some more and buy the badass cobra with 420-430 hrsp, thats just my 2cents thnx :)