why pay more?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by snipizo, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. i am going to buy a 3g alternator for my 93..but i saw on the alterstart site that the 150 amp alternator goes for 119.99 and on the paperformance site the 150 amp alternator is 199.99..now if im not mistaken why pay more..or is the alterstart junk and paperformance good?..let me know thanks.
  2. What kind of alternator is the alterstart? most likely its the once cable hookup kind and why it is so cheap. But if is the same as the pa performance one then jump on it. Just rmemeber that the pa performance one comes with a 3 year warranty i believe.
  3. Why pay more? Well, usually you get what you pay for. The lifetime warranty alternators at AutoZone are a great example. They don't cost much (because AutoZone buys remanufactured units that are probably prepared with dirt-cheap labor outside the country) -- upfront. But a lot of folks report having to take advantage of that warranty about once a year - continually replacing their "lifetime" alternator. Yeah it's free, but a pain in the butt to keep doing it.

    Ask lots of questions about your $119 alternator. Is it NEW? At that price it's probably remanufactured - which means they replace certain pieces that wear, test others and if it checks out ok, they leave the used piece in. All of Pa-Performance's units are new - not remanufactured. Lowest first cost is rarely best value or lowest long term cost.
  4. Just to let you know that i have both the alterstart 150amp alt. and their mini starter and both of them are excellent units. As far as i know they were new and not remanufactured. Alterstart has an excellent reputation and i would venture to say that you would have no problems at all with that alt.
  5. yeah they look pretty much the same and are both new and same amps with the wire change..just want to know if anyone had any problems with alterstart.
  6. im running the alterstart 150 amp alternator. Ive had zero problems with it. The stuff they sell is BRAND NEW, not remanufactured.

    Ive had it for about 2 years. Got my battery in the trunk and only running a 2guage wire. Never needed a jump, and we just started another season of snow and bad weatehr in new york. BTW, this alternator replaced my Powermaster that gave me nothing but trouble, even with the overdrive pulley on it.

    In almost every case, i agree that you get what you pay for. But there are always acceptions to it.