Why pay the price when the cars are beat up?

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by stangonline, Aug 27, 2006.

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  2. So your saying they ran it hard for the firs 60 miles ?
  3. 60 miles and an AVERAGE of 10mpg.. I would say so!
  4. I knew it had to be a GT500 when I saw the tack with the odometer. Yip, probably every one off the truck is gonna be run hard by who ever unloads em. I sure wouldn't like that from my new ride.
  5. When you frist star up a new mustang and you reset the MPG AND the car is not moving it goes to a real low number. Example Start your mustang reset MPG it goes to like 10 or 13 drive to the end of your road youll see around 8-10 mpg . Now on the highway reset it at about 55 mph and youll see 21 mpg. It all depends if you let the car idle in the drive way it falls fast to even at a stop lige it will go from 18 mpg to 15 mpg in a few min.
  6. Well I would never get a demo Shelby GT500 or any mustang that was a demo car. I know firsthand what people do to them. The kid down the street from me is 16 and his dad owns a dealership, so well the kid "borrows" the GT500 and beats the **** out of it. That is one experience.

    Another is at the Woodward Dream cruise they had 2 manufactor plated GT500's, so they were driven by people working or owning a dealership. When I took a closer look at them, they were scratched and the front chin spoiler and rear diffuser all hacked up like it had on the ground.

    Lastly when I saw another GT500 converitable with the dealership plate and the kids jumped over the doors and it was all hacked up too.

    I really wish dealerships took better car of sports cars. I will never buy one unless I ordered with 0 miles on it.
  7. That's the first thing I've seen that makes sense. I thought it was giving the average MPG for those 60 miles - but it's really just for that single trip - right? I stand corrected...now i have to go eat crow on another board I posted this on! :)(
  8. its not so much the mpg that turns me off but the 60 miles. this means more then likely the dealer put a limit on the miles on this thing before they ever had it delivered. this is always more the sales managers fault then anything. the car prolly landed at the dealer with around 10 or so miles and he knew he wanted as his toy for at least one weekend so he figured when it hits 60 miles its going on ebay. yes i think that in those 60 miles that car was prolly pounded on by the sales manager and all his buddies. you guys may think its techs or other dealership personnel that put those miles on but its almost always the sales or general manager. they are the 2 that get all the "toys". how do i know this? i work at a ford dealer as a tech. im the guy that gets pestered every 5 mins about whether the car has been prepped yet. oh yeah the gm normally also has really lousy stick shift driving skills too.
  9. Not that the dealer sales people are testing it.. but most can't drive a stick. Syncro-Trash is what that transmission is by now.

  10. :shrug:

    All of the above is likely overreaction. This car is tougher than anything the first 60 miles can do to it short of a crash. Now I do think it does something to the worth of a 'new' car to put that many on it. But this is more psychological than what could be proven by measuring tolerances, etc...

    Give Ford a little more credit for what they've built... If its trash already due to some mis-shifts... This thing never had a chance...

    My 2 cents.

  11. Aside from this possible over reaction...

    It is my understanding that due to a stop ship on the GT500's earlier that the GT500's that were on the line during this stop will arrive with 30+ more miles on them than normal due to some road testing.

    This could be one of those affected cars.
  12. That car was on ebay 2 weeks ago.
  13. Ridiculous thread. One of John Coletti's old torture tests was to run 100 consecutive 1/4 mile runs, hard-core full-flog.

    There's nothing that's going to happen in 60 hard miles that'll make that car even break a sweat or breath hard, short of driving off a cliff... They're engineered to endure over 100,000 miles of hard-ass driving...
  14. the point on what the car can take or not take isnt in question. its that a dealer wants to sell a car over sticker when in 60 miles some ******* general manager has had some real ****s and giggles in the car. do you wanna buy a gt500 for 15k over that has been abused by a poor stick shift driving slob general manager? i work at as a tech and have a mustang myself and im well aware of the beatings they can take. i drive my own car quite hard. id buy a gt500 in a heartbeat with only 60 miles but it better be for sticker or lower.

  15. Good luck finding a Shelby with 0 miles on it,, cause the lowest miles on them start at 3 miles.
    I was the responsible person for our dealrship's GT500, that I sold on Ebay.
    As soon as we received it off the truck, i drove it straight in our show room, and made sure no one even touches it, till i had the encolsed trailer ready for delivery. The buyer was extremley happy cause we made sure nothing was touched and none of the stickers or plastic were removed from his GT500.

    its all different from dealership to dealership. We always make sure that our new vehicles are NEW. and the only times you see any miles past 10 miles on any of our new cars is when we had to dealer-trade a vehicle , and we had to drive it to our dealership for the customer.
  16. :shrug: Not sure what point you're thinking you're making? Your "torture" test is a fair stress test - driving the car aggressively on a nice 1/4 mile track.

    I keep a close eye on my mpg, and drive hard, with little high-way driving, and my av mpg is around 16. So, if we allow for the POSSIBILITY that some yahoo took this GT500 for a lil spin, you also have to ask what else happened in it/to it. Far from "ridiculous", I think the post is fair comment. Talking trash on someone's post, and backing it up with a ludicrously irrelevant comparison, now THAT'S ridiculous.:rolleyes:
  17. :eek:

    Someone's calling someone out! Whatever...

    Back on topic...

    I noticed the reserve on the ebay deal wasn't met, so the point is purely academic at this juncture...

    I believe the someone already explained the avg mpg and how it can read low unless you are doing highway speeds and reset it. I have the same thing in my Escalade EXT. If I hit the reset button doing 65 it starts at like 40 mpg and slowly recalibrates back down to 16. If I do the same thing in stop and go, it starts low... like 8-10 and works its way up to around 16. Dunno when this GT500 mpg calculation was reset from, but I doubt they used the full 60 miles to get that figure. They were prolly' tinkering with all the buttons for a bit.

    So, again. It's likely overreaction. And RICKS statement is fair in that he realizes what these cars are built for... But I'll let him tell you that.


  18. What it comes down to is this:

    If someone is going to spend that kind of money on a Mustang and intends on breaking the engine in carefully, and treating it like gold - it's rotten to think that it could have already been beat up at the dealer. I'm not making an argument as to how a car should be broken in - I'm just saying that the way a car is treated when it is NEW should be up to the first owner of the car. IMO, obviously, but I would like to think that others feel the same.

    Ricks - I'm sure the car can take it, but that wasn't really the point.
  19. agreed. especially when they are charging a markup. why should the head honchos in the sales department dictate how your car is treated. i dont think most owners buying a car for 50k plus want their car to be used to go to the strip club a few times, and jus flat out beat on. and like i said before most idiot salespeople arent car guys like people that work in service for example. so they are all notoriously awful stick shift drivers, they all speed, cut people off tailgate etc. believe me ive worked in auto dealers for 6 yrs now, i know these things. lol
  20. If you don't mind a beat up GT500 buy a Black Shelby from Kreiger Ford in Columbus Ohio I sent it at the Street Rod Nationals with Dealer Plates being trashed on. Half a dozen burnouts hitting the rev limiter and those cars wheel hop as bad as the GT with the wheels bouncing off of the limit pads. Then he was doing burnouts in a circle for about 2 minutes in 1st bouncing the limiter the complete time. The car the next weekend was sitting in front of the dealer with a $18k markup. The guy was about 40 so it was not some spoiled kid whose Dad owns the dealership either. Heck they did not even clean the rubber out of the fender and you could tell the tread wear compared from front to rear tires and it had 120 miles. Sure I would buy that car....NOT