Why remove the Air Silencer?

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  1. Sorry for the 'newbie' question. I'm making the jump from 65-68 Mustangs to this '90...It will be a long learning period.
  2. my understanding is that it functions like a mufler, and muflers restrict flow
    besides its kinda funny lookin'

  3. The reason alot of people remove it is because it's restrictive, and quiets the intake. Removing it won't make a noticeable difference, it'll just be louder.
  4. go get a soda straw and try and breathe through it. same thing as the air silencer on the engine

    it really won't add a whole lot of power though. basically you won't be able to tell the difference, it will just sound louder.
  5. So, I'll see more benefit from removing the entire Air Box and making a cold air intake or putting a K&N cone filter in it's place?
  6. Yup, pretty much.
  7. yes for the most part u will see a better result from the custom cold air intake (cai). If u are looking for performance though, i would suggest a straightup 2.3turbo motor swap. Since u are new to this game do a few searches on "turbo" and ull see what a differnce this swap will do. 2.3 n/a =88-105(depnding on year) 2.3 turbo =175 -205 (thats stock boost...it can handle way more). Good luck, welcome to the 2.3 world do my best to answer any questions i can,and refer you to the smarter people who i know can ;o)

    keep it real
  8. Thanks.

    Which do you recomend? Cold air intake or remove box and replace with K&N?
  9. Thanks, I have been lurking here for awhile and understand that the turbo swap is the best bet, however, in my case, it is far down the road. I have a '65 Mustang project at this time (which gets most of my attention and fun money) So, I am looking for some small ways to get any performance boost out of this engine right now and then in a few years seriously consider the T-Swap.

    It is a '90 (88-90HP), 5spd convertible. Not a '91 as my name implies. It is a fun car in great condition, that my family has had since new (was my brothers). It has 180K miles on it, so I think a rebuild or engine swap is in it's future. My wife will be driving it in nice weather, about 5K per year. If I can get a couple years out of the engine, I'll be happy.

    Thanks for your help.
  10. Don't buy one. Build it yourself. It'll be way cheaper, and you can set it up to have a place to plug in the vacuum lines. But yeah, i'd go with a fenderwell setup.
  11. well depending on how well its been maintained it could last forever, mine is running 181k on the ticker, with the stock bottem end, had a new headgasket and valve cover gasket put on when i ported the head, but other than that she runs as good as new. If u keep her properly tuned up, with the 5speed, she should see way more 200k easy.

    And yes, fabricate your own fenderwell intake if you decide to go that way, just buy a cone and do the piping out of whateveryou fancy. cheap and more custom of a fit IMO.

  12. muahaha.... My 96 2.3 5-SPEED ranger, which has the EXACT same motor as the mustangs, has WELL OVER 275,000 Miles now, on the STOCK MOTOR, STOCK TRANNY, and 3 clutches !!!! It's a bit sluggish, but relaible, NO SMOKE, always starts right up, oil stays full even at my usual 10K mile oil changes (if it's lucky enough for that) and still gets pretty decent gas mileage.... Motor will last.... I beat the snot out of it....
  13. just put in a stock replacemnt K&N filter, cut the lower half of the airbox so it can breat better, and replace the intake tubing with 2.5-3" tubing.

    you get the same results, slightly better throttle response, slightly throatier, and a slight better top end. a CAI does nothing but look "cool" on a N/A 2.3 with little to lots of mods.