Why replacing your suspension is good

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  1. I just got home from TWS and all I can say is wow, the MattStang really kicked some ass this weekend. I built up a small kill list:
    Evolution VIII
    98 Z28
    Mini Cooper
    01 Corvette
    03 Z06
    00 Boxter
    03 Cobra
    96 Mustang GT
    WRX… there are a few more, but I’m to tired to think right now
    Had an excellent time. I Took a turn at 114 MPH! It was cool :D


    Roush Springs, Bilstein struts, Bilstein shocks, COBRA Rear Swaybar, 93 COBRA R Front Swaybar, Sub frame Connectors, 3.73's, T-lok, Superchip
  2. Drivers of most high end cars dont PUSH there cars at O/T events, those are easy kills, try running down a spec miatia, or a ITA integra.

    I run down all the street cars at ot events pretty easy but the real hard core guys in preped cars are another story.

  3. What kind of lap times did you run?
  4. We left the stop watches in the 03 Cobra, next to the video camera, or else I would have some good video of the event. Long story short, we tried to install Brembos on the 03, but ran out of time and the car isn’t drivable at the moment, or else I would have driven it on the track. Im moving the stock Cobra brakes onto the V6 for the next event. I might throw my cam and roller rockers in it too.

    The balance of the V6 is almost perfect for these kinds of events; If only I had about 20 more TQ I would be happy.

    Yeah, my friends Spec Miata could easily take me, That red Miata that I passed was very hard to catch, but I finally took her on the strait away.

    I do wish that more Mustangers would get involved with these kinds of events, there were 3 times as many F-body guy’s there as there were Mustangs. Oh well..