Why should I love the new Mustang?

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  1. My wife bought the new 2006 Mustang V6 5spd with Pony pkg. Now I will admit the car is a beautiful car but that is where it ends for me. I have been driving the car all week this week since I think she may be getting sick of it as well. She said it was easier to use our Malibu Maxx with all the stuff she has going on this week.

    Well here are my issues that make it very hard to even like the car, keep in mind this is the Pony package so it has the GT suspension and 17" wheels and tires:

    -Only way to get into trunk is with key or keyfob
    -Cramped and tight
    -Small glass areas make for confined space
    -Headrest on drivers seat tilts forward so far that it makes the seat the most uncomfortable I have ever sat in. You have to tilt the seat back so far just to make it so your head doea not keep hitting the head rest.
    -Steering feel is numb
    -Car never settles down in corners
    -Over dips and rises the front damping is perfect but the rear feels like a Buick. It is like you are driving two different cars at once.
    -Drives like a very large cumbersome vehicle, not nimble on it feet at all.
    -Interior is ridiculously hot compared to our Maxx. Only A/C fixes problem since air doesn't flow around car well. Leather interior sucks as does the smoking hot black leather steering wheel.
    -500watt Shaker sound system does not even sound as good as the stock radio system in my Maxx.
    -No tether for power outlet cover so it gets lost every week
    -Engine lacks any snap, feels like you need to plan every move ahead of time.
    -On several occasions we can't downshift to second gear if the car is moving at all. Of course dealer never notices problem so the car is fine in their eyes.
    -Exhaust makes the most aweful snap crackle sound for first two shifts. Sounds like an internal baffle. Makes the car sound like the biggest pile of crap as well. Of course dealer can't dup so it is normal.

    I guess that sums it up pretty well. I am trying to learn to like this car since we leased it for 3yrs but the car makes it virtually impossible. Whenever both my Malibu Maxx and the Mustang are home I will take the Maxx with no thought at all. The Maxx drives ten times better, is more responsive in both handling and power and feels like a car that is twice the size in terms of room. Plus for whatever reason, the Maxx does not get so hot that you need to use the A/C all the time just to keep from sweating in it. In all the Mustang feels like driving an old Hyundai Excel when compared to my Chevy Malibu Maxx.

    I really wanted to love this Mustang but I just don't think it will ever happen. I do love looking at it while it sits in the driveway, does that count?
  2. Buyer's remorse ftl, should have at least got a V8. Malibu Maxx WTF is that :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  3. I understand, Malibu Maxx's are hot.

  4. oh
    but seriously, I really dislike how the 05 style looks so no, it doesn't count. ;)
    And did you test drive it? I don't understand why you would get a vehicle that you don't like driving.

    Sorry, I mean borrow/lease a car that you don't like driving.

    I mean, you can tell it's a behemoth by looking at it, why did you think otherwise? And it's a v6, of course it's going to suck.
  5. I have loved the new Mustang since the first I started reading about the new car. I wanted to love it as much as many of you all do. The Malibu Maxx we bought for utility and I fully expected to hate it. I let my wife pick out the vehicles since they are not that important to me anymore. So anyhow I said sure lets get the Mustang it seems like a great car. I say all this because I am not a Mustang hater at all but this car is just aweful.

    You may laugh about the Maxx but in the real world it is easily ten times the car that Mustang that sits in our driveway is. The only redeeming feature that I can find with the Mustang is that it makes you "think" you look good. I have not driven a car in years that takes as much effort to drive as this new Mustang does.

    So why are so many of you in love with these cars? I mean really. What do they do that is so good that warrants buying one? I really see no useful purpose for them what so ever. I mean if the one we owned was a pleasure to drive it would be one thing but it isn't.

    Almost forgot to add that the Mustang has 210hp and is getting a whopping 16mpg. The Maxx has 200hp and gets 24mpg. Both our cars are driven in the same conditions so it is a fair comparison.
  6. I actually -hate- the 05's. I have a 99 GT.

    I haven't driven one yet but I've sat in a couple and I dislike nearly everything about the car. The only thing that interests me is the new suspension/platform and engine on the GT.

    I call :bs: on that MPG figure, I get 15-16 MPG in city driving in my 7 year old GT, that I beat the hell out of, with just about all bolt on mods.

    :bs: on you
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  7. That sux ass, I have a 300hp V8 and floor it everywheres like JoJo said and I still get 16 mpg. I guess it is Malibu Maxx FTW and V6 Stang FTL. I know my car is fun as **** to drive and yea it takes effort, but to me that the point, I love whipping it around turns, flooring it, feeling the raw power of the V8. So much better then some sleepy, bland, utiliarian vehicle that is just "useful" and get's good gas mileage, heck that's what my beater Ford Ranger is for.
  8. Oh, but seriously, did you test drive?!?!
    Most of your complaints would be discovered in 30 seconds.

    And I don't know who leases a brand new car (new production model as well) without atleast driving it for 30 seconds.

    And another thing, everyone knows Mustangs aren't luxury vehicles. It's rough around the edges and fun to drive (even the 1999-2004 V6 is fun).
  9. Biggest problem of them all.
  10. I don't see this as a big deal
    I'm 6' 215lbs and the only problem I have is getting into the car. Also my knee (right) rubs on the console.
    I'm not claustrophobic
    Raise the headrest
    Got nuthin
    Haven't experienced it
    Never driven a Buick
    I would imagine the width of a Mustang plays a role in how nimble it feels but my GT has spunk in the corners. More than I do at the moment!
    Don't have this problem.
    Mine sounds great
    Remove it every other week so you loose it half as much.
    Can't help ya, I have a V8
    Auto?? Can't help ya, I have a stick
    Again, I have a V8
    You should get rid of it if you are not enjoying it. You should be able to find someone to take over the lease.
  11. :stupid:
  12. Nope didn't drive it. Took the word of the people from Hogback road (Car and Driver) that it was a great car.

    No bull**** on the fuel mileage at all. I have checked it several times and the also have the trip computer. Basically the car sucks in the fuel mileage department. Maybe it is because you need to floor it just to get up to normal traffic speeds in a reasonable time amount of time. I expected much better mileage.
  13. The MPG thing stinks if they are all like that, I seriously floot it everywhere, I'm talkin spinngin tires, reving it up all the time and get the same mileage. Can u get rid of it man? For what it's worth I'd never buy/lease a V6 Stang, just not worth it to me, I have nothing against them but if I get a Stang it's a V8 or nothing.
  14. Ah yes, Car and Driver, the people who somehow ran a 15.1 in a 2001 or 2002 GT. :nonono:
  15. Stupid question

    I am in love with mine because it is beautiful, unlike any Malibu no matter what year or option package.

    It has a lovely V8 that is a joy to drive and begs to be modded.

    It is the cheapest bang for the buck that can be had on the market.

    We don't think it makes us look good, it just makes people driving bland Malibus look even more bland and soccer momish.

    It makes people without one think we have penis envy or something, even though it is those people who stare at our cars the most.

    Stop letting your wife pick out your clothes (I mean cars) and you will have a much better experience. Everyone knows the V6 is a girl's car so I am not sure why you are so dissapointed with what she picked. My wife begged me to buy a GTO or Charger because they are more comfortable and she thought prettier (she's high)...too bad for her..she hates the Mustang and hates it even more since i removed the mufflers...good.

    Mod the 6 and you will enjoy it a whole lot more. It is only .2 seconds slower than the prior V8 model in the 1/4, thats pretty good for a V6.:nice:
  16. Exactly how fast are the new V6s in the 1/4 anwyay? :shrug:
  17. Nope it is not Auto. 5spd manual that refuses to downshift into second if the car is rolling at all. I wish we could find someone to take the lease over.
  18. er... timeslip please.

    Unless you mean the 98 and prior GTs.
  19. From Car and Driver: (http://www.caranddriver.com/shortroadtests/9028/ford-mustang-v-6.html)

    0-to-60 mph arrives in 6.9 seconds, and the quarter-mile is over in 15.3 seconds at 91 mph. That performance would humiliate owners of the last V-6 Mustang we tested (a 145-hp manual back in May 1994), which scored an 8.3-second 0-to-60 time and a 16.5-second quarter-mile. Also, this puts the new V-6 auto just 0.6 second off the old automatic V-8's 0-to-60 time and only 0.2 second slower in the quarter.

    I am not sure if they are reffering to 98 and before, they just say "Old" automatic, that leaves me to assume they mean 2004. I guess i should not assume, sorry.:shrug:
  20. Yeah I call BS on this one too, if you're having those issues and the dealership isn't finding these "phantom" issues, you need to get a new dealership or decide what exactly you're trying to get out of the car. It's a sports car, it's intent is completely different.

    I have a Mazda 3 Sport which is in all effects the same car as the Maxx and I can tell you that for pure pleasure driving the Mustang wins hands down. I think the 3 can outhandle the Mustang, it's a fantastic handling car, but for seating comfort and the rest it's miles ahead of just about every car I've owned and I'm up in the 14-15 vehicle range now.

    You sure you bought a 05-06 Mustang and not an 83 GLX? :D
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