Why should I love the new Mustang?

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 S-197 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by PNYEXP, Jun 21, 2006.

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  1. Should have done a carfax report, bet it was wrecked.
  2. Well the car only had ten miles and we did make the misake of picking it up at night.
  3. Bigcat is right:

    I love the headrest, my old GM Bonneville with its adjustable sucked, if i put my head on it i was looking at the ceiling in about three seconds.

    I enjoy the ride of the car, but it is not as comfortbale as my Bonneville or my wife's LS, but it is not supposed to be.

    Everybody likes and dislikes the same things on this car as with all others. Sounds like you should have bought a Charger or a GTO, you would have the creature comforts you are looking for as well a more luxurious ride, because lets face it, check the reviews, the grocery getter Maxx does not outhandle the V6 with GT suspension, not even the SS Maxx, it just does not, period.

    That fender thing really sucks though, you need to be more forceful with the dealer, maybe have your attorney give them a call. I have brought mine back three times to fix minor scratches that i might even be responsible for.

    i am beating a dead horse but what made you think this would be a good car for coaching/cargo???? The trunk would barely fit a body in it and you would have to put that in sideways. My backseat is off-limits even to my own kid (except in emergencys), he will not even ask to bring a friend over if i pick him up in my car. But the thing is i knew that going in, i had him come and sit in the backseat, he far preferred the GTO or Charger, but too bad for him, it's my car, of course a little more research on your part and you would have known that too.

    Don't blame your wife though whining about the Civic, but at the same time she bought it, so make her drive it if you don't like it. Nonetheless dissapointment sucks and i am sorry that you are. I have been waiting almost three years for a GT500 only to have the current price wars, but now i am pleased after having seen all the negative attention the GT500 is getting. Plus i know i can get one for sticker in three years when my kid turns 16 and i give him mine. Then my wife can complain about the Shelby and i will smile wide.:D
  4. I see no reason why the dealership wouldn't fix the off tint fender.
  5. I'm with the other guys; If you don't like it, why'd you let your wife pick it out for you? :rlaugh: Don't complain here, sell it, trade it, whatever dude!!! :D I bought an 06 GT an love it. Only complaint I have is the 1st gear grind ( but that I can live and deal with) The A/C is the best I've seen in any vehicle I've ever had or driven.If you can't feel the cool air or steering wheel, maybe you need to see a DOCTOR.:SNSign: Gas mileage ? How does 25+ grab you ? Handling ? Mine handles like it's on rails. Yea, it rides a tad stiff, but that's the trade off. Storage space ? I bought an extra set of 18" factory take off wheels and tires, and fit ALL 4 in the car, plus the wife.:D Windows? It's a SPORTS CAR DUFUS!!!!!!! You want to see more, buy a mini van or convertable. If you don't like the car, then posting here ain't gonna herlp either. We can't MAKE you like it either, it's YOUR (or maybe I should say your WIFE'S) car.:rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  6. 4x 18" with tires PLUS passenger? how?

    drawling please ;)
  7. I can't draw worth a flip on this here computer.:D But I'll say this: Remove the space saver spare and floor liner. Put one wheel & tire in the well. Fold down the rear seat ( I wonder if PNYEXP figured that out ? He said you couldn't access the trunk without the key or key-fob remote :D ) put the other three wheels and tires in the trunk and rear seat area. Protect the rear of the fold down seats with old blankets.:nice: Nothin to it !
  8. Well I can assure you it is not my car. She picked it out for herself. I have just been the one stuck driving it lately. As such I have been trying to figure out why people love this car so much. She was a little hesitant to get it since every 05-06 Mustang you see one the road is driven by a woman over 30 around here. Come to think of it I don't think I have ever seen a guy driving one of them.

    Dam now you all made me realize that not only do I get stuck driving a car I don't like but I am also driving a chick car.:bang: And to think I let her trade our Silverado in for this thing.
  9. Oooooh, forgot about the spare tire well. I don't think an 18" fits in a 99 GT :(
    but I never tried ;)
  10. Damn, V6 Mustang gettin Stallowned left and right.

    View attachment 460944

    Maybe u should have traded it for a '05 Camaro instead. :shrug:
  11. This has nothing to do with V6 Mustangs. All the 05-06 Mustangs around here in both V8 and V6 are driven by middle age 30-60yr old women.

    05 Camaro? Hmmm............ yea, that would have been perfect. I could imagine it right now.

    Oh wait you were trying to be a joker right? And too think you almost fooled me. Boy your pretty tricky.:rolleyes:

    I would have to say that the Mustang in either V8 or V6 is right up there with the Bettle or the Sunfire in terms of chick car. Not sure why that is but I never see men driving any of those cars around here.
  12. You guys realize PNYEXP is here to just talk crap about the 05-06 mustang?

    He doesn't want us to talk him into liking it, never did.
  13. Why is PNYEXP post count '0'?
  14. This from a guy who drives a neon.


    Plus, he lives on Fire Island!
  15. Sorry no Neon. Full size 97 Gmc, 04 Silverado,00 Bonneville, 03 Odyssey, The list goes on but never a Neon.

    What the heck is Fire Island?
  17. Are you sure man that your story is true? I think you might really be a phony pony want-a-be just jealous cause these cars kick ass??

    Perhaps you should get a refill on the meds...
  18. It's because the Guys buy em and their gals hijack them from them.(Honey, can I drive the Mustang? ):D It's what women want. And the guys who keep their women SATISFIED know that.:D
  19. :D I figured you more as an Insight or Prius kind of boy.:D
  20. post count is zero, because talk posts dont count...

    so PNYEXP, what is your point of this thread? you obviously dont want to learn about the car, and hate it no matter what. is there ANYTHING you like about the car?
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