Why should I love the new Mustang?

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  1. er... I already stated I dislike the 05's a lot, we are making fun of you for wasting money (locked in a lease :lol: ) for a car you didn't even drive.

    That is hilarity. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  2. And that only proves that I thought it would great car before I actually had to drive it everyday. My wife on the other hand does not mind driving it as long as it is for a short trip (errand running). Ohter than that she agrees that the car is useless. It does make a nice lawn ornament on weekends when nobody wants to drive it however. Plus I do my best to get rid of it by leaving the keys in it and leaving the windows open whenever I go somewhere. As far as a legit sale I have had it advertised at $19,900 for a few weeks now and have not even recieved one call on it. I guess not that many people really want them. Plus I noticed Ford offering lots of discounts to get rid of them as well.

    As to the person who feels I need to learn to drive they would do better to keep factless remarks to himself. I can assure you that knowing how to drive is far from an issue for me. I have autocrossed for over 15yrs at a level far above avg. I know how to make a fwd or rwd car handle and I know a well sorted out car when I drive one. My daily driver however needs to behave like a well mannered car. I sure is a good thing there is tons of aftermarket for the Mustang because it needs it.
  3. Here let me add some more useless posts....


    I am sure I could find many things to dislike about your Malibu but that doesn't make it suck.

    Opinions are like *******, everyones got'em.
  4. Can u sell a car that u are leasing?

    Still, if I let my women pick out a car for me and insist on buying/leasing it without even taking a test drive I would go immediatly if not sooner to have my head examined.

  5. You may want to have it examined anyhow. I am sure I made it clear the car was not bought for me. Rather she bought it for herself, I just figured I would love driving as well since it is a Mustang.

    And yes you can sell a car that you lease. You need to pay off the lease that's all.
  6. And the refs takes a point away, keep the gloves up there buddy.
  7. If you're american and don't understand what the love affair with the Mustang is, then you my sir are a lost cause.

    Hell the 8 year old kid doing crossing guard duty the other morning even understood and I'm in CANADA where dog sleds come with option lists. (Lol!)

    This comment nearly slipped by. You're making the mistake of assuming that people on a Mustang forum are disappointed. I certainly am not. I couldn't really give a flying f**k if you like the car or not.
  8. Granted I have a 2001 GT but the reason at least for me is that there is history behind the car, they have a V8 (who doesn’t like the sound of a V8) and they are good looking cars. Mustangs are far from the most comfortable cars to drive but I new that before I bought mine. Hell I can still fit 2 sets of golf clubs in the trunk. I have never been happier driving a car. On Saturdays I just drive around town because I love driving it and most of the time I don’t even turn the radio on. To me it’s not just a car it’s something more. When you buy a mustang you buy your way into a community of muscle car enthusiasts, (at least most mustang owners are) a great bunch of people. I love it when you’re driving along and the guys in the rams and f-150s give you the thumbs up or the Harley guys always give you a node when you pass. Other stangers giving a wave as you pass (of course I return the wave or the light flash or the rev). My cousin was with me one day and we past another moded stang and the guy gave a wave and I returned and my cousin was like do you know that guy. I said no, I never seen him before but it’s a mustang thing just as it is when you have a boat or a motorcycle. Again this was just all my opinion and what I feel about mustangs. Now my girlfriend wants a stang seeing as I wont let her drive mine.
  9. Totally. I got my 99 GT new in 99. 2 years later my roomate in college got an 02 v6. A year later my friend got an 02 GT. We used to just cruise around after class and have fun. It was a blast. Gas was less than $2.00 then :lol:

    This chick at work recently found out I have a Mustang and asked for a ride. Now basically anytime she sees me walking out she wants to go with me. She also screams and giggles when I WOT. She says she has a "love affair" with my car :shrug:

    V8 Stang FTW :nice:
  10. Heh my wife actually goes "WEEEEEEEE!" when I jam it to pass some people and the car presses her back in the seat. Too much fun.

    I think I know what the problem with our persistently disappointed odd car loving poster is. He looks at vehicles as transportation while the Mustang is more about the complete automotive experience.
  11. :banana:
  12. If you got no hits on it, then you've obviously priced it too, HIGH. Why pay what you're asking, when you can get a NEW one for that? Plus the color. No-sale green.:D It's as marketable as the 05's no-sale purple was. To top it off, who wants to pay for an obviously wrecked Stang for a new Stang price ? :rlaugh: What a dork.:rlaugh:

  13. this topic/string is the biggest steaming turd to plop here this year !!!!

    > > > can anyone say "TROLLS"? :Zip2:

  14. in think this thread has run its course, and nothing is getting accomplished. :lock:
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