Why so few orders?

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  1. I've been watching this forum since it was started and after all the talk people were putting out about being first or second, or whatever, at their dealers for a GT500 there arent that many people singing about their new order. What gives? How have some people ordered and others havent? I just expected a dozen people or more on March 13th to post a thread for those who have placed their order as soon as they got home from the dealer.
  2. I went to my dealer today and picked up the summary. My salesman was off today so they told me to take it home, decide what I want and order it tomorrow when he gets in.
    I have been waiting a year for this car. I will have my order in to Ford as soon as I can.
  3. My guess is....quite a few are waiting on pricing....ie MSRP plus??? The possibility of "Market pricing" is scaring off a lot of potential Cobra faithfull.
  4. I wanted a Convertible and was willing to go $5,000 over sticker. Every dealer I've talked too (and I've talked to 6) has all their verts already taken or wants $10,000 over. I guess I'll just be holding onto my '03 a little longer.:)
  5. Just waiting for the price to come down.
    A dealer ask me for $ 60 000.
  6. my agreement to purchase for msrp is still a go. ford canada has no "official" news on distribution so the fella i'm dealing with can't make any statements. but he's quite sure that the news will come out shortly and my placement on the list should have me in one based on their prior cobra allotments. hope there's no surprises.
  7. I've confirmed that I am getting the first shelby at an Omaha, NE dealer. I tried to place my order yesterday, but they told me that they couldn't place the order yet? Dealers on the East and West Coasts were the only ones that could place orders now? Can anyone validate that for me?
  8. I heard something kind of similar, that larger dealers and previous SVT dealers are getting to place their orders before smaller regular dealers. Also, they will only be able to place an order for a certain number of cars at first and then it will be luck of the draw to what dealers get more. The one dealership in Toms river said they are guaranteed four, but could possible get as many as eight.
  9. I worked with the owner of a small local dealer. He has ordered and it's mine if I want it when it comes in, IF it comes in. Ford told him it was about a 75% chance of getting one.

    No pricing yet.
  10. dont belive all that you hear my friend
    i work at a tiny dealership, and we are getting 2. so far ford has made it clear that every dealership gets at least one. in addition to that, any dealership that recieved the 2005 presidents award gets a second one. that would total to aprox. 6000 units. Ford hasnt announced yet about the remaining 1500.
    We ordered a coupe (red with white stripes, with all options but the shaker1000) and a triple black vert.
  11. which dealer is this? i have many contacts here in omaha....
  12. Powerleases= ~250 (do not effect dealer inventories and were taken "off the top")
    All former SVT dealers get 1 additional.

  13. I agree.

    Ford should flat out announce "We will build a GT500 for anyone and everyone who wants one".

    Making such an announcement will flush out the speculators and force the dealers to sell them around sticker so the Mustang / SVT loyalists get a GT500 at a reasonable price.

    I can't emphasize this enough Don't pay dealer markups . Look at how Ford GT prices have dropped from $50K over MSRP down to around sticker in the last year. Remember how Terminator Cobra and Mach 1 prices fell after the 1st year. The same will happen with the GT500. Don't be stupid . Before you plunk down $20K over sticker for a GT500 put in your mind that will be lots of Ford employees who buy them at A plan pricing and that will ultimately affect the value of your GT500.
  14. That's what I'm hoping to do, pick one up after the price has dropped quite a bit.
  15. My dealer wouldn't allow me to order one, even though we just bought a new vehicle from them. They said they were just getting one or two and will sell them to "whoever has the money"( i.e., auction). You're welcome, Sam Pack Ford in Carrollton, TX, and kiss my a$$. Hello, Dodge Challenger (in 2 years or so).
  16. Everything you said IS true. I know you are trying to help protect the Mustang loyalists, which is good. But I keep hearing the phrase "a fool and his money are easily parted," over and over in the back of my head. If some idiot is willing to pay me $20k to sell him my car and then wait and order another Shelby next year, why not take his money? I've got the patients to wait for the AMV to go away and in the mean time my profit off the fool will be earning interest!
  17. Like a bunch of other guys, I was promised over and over again that I had the first one at my local ford dealership. I had a deposit down about a year ago.

    My dealership finally called me to tell me that they are auctioning them off and returned my deposit. Now I had some bs piece of paper that their salesman/represenative had signed, but it was pretty close to useless unless I wanted to litigate, which would have cost more than the 10k mark up they will likely be expecting in their auction.

    Further they left a nasty taste in my mouth. Absoluetly admitted that sure their salesman had promised me, but they were re****ing. When I brought up the question of integrity they basically said, THIS IS MONEY WE'RE TALKING ABOUT.

    I doubt I'll ever be buying a car from them. When the 07 comes down (possibly in late 07 or early 08, I'll likely pick one up for near msrp). If I decide to pay over it won't be to those fatherless pieces of excrement.
  18. You guys should start a list of Ford dealers who go back on their word...then never buy from them again - show to all who care.

    351CJ - Go figure, we actually agree on something - 100% on what you just said.

  19. Haha, yeah, Sam Pack can kiss mine too... I had a poor experience with his North Richland Hills service center a couple weeks ago:

    9 AM Saturday: tried to drop car off, but they skipped me in line
    9:30 AM: finally gave them car
    4 PM: called to find out no one had looked at it yet
    4:45 PM: received call that they would have to keep it until Monday
    4 PM Monday: They finally find a problem with the alternator
    12 PM Tuesday: They finally finish installing a new alternator

    Yeah, thanks for a weekend and then some without a car, Sam Pack.


  20. Excuse me while I go check to see if hell is frozen over. :D