Why so few orders?

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by 05retro, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. Just ordered mine from Atchley Ford in Omaha, Ebony Black with Tungsten stripe, Shaker 1000, Leather Interior upgrade package. Still don't know price, or how much over MSRP I'll have to pay.
  2. why omaha, ne? are you not in california?
  3. I ordered my GT500 last week (the Ides of March!). My dealership called me in and my wife and I sat down with the VP and selected our colors (white with blue stripes) and options (interior upgrade). Of course, I do not know the MSRP, but they are tacking on a $5k dealers markup, which I feel is reasonable from what I have seen and read on the internet. He gave me the highest order priority available to him, but only a guess as to the date of build. He suggested around May 1st, but I haven't seen anything to sustantiate his guess.

    If the MSRP plus other charges goes much past $45k, we will be hard pressed to go through with the buy. I hold on to the idea that the car will hold its value should some unforeseeable crisis fall on us.

    I understand all that is being said about holding out to force the price back to the MSRP, but my guess is there will be plenty of folks willing to pay well over what I will be paying just to own this vehicle! It is going to be a peach!
  4. Atchley Ford is a pretty good dealership, my family dealt with them a few times when we lived in Omaha :)
  5. Congratulations, sound's like you got a good deal considering what other dealers are attepting to charge.

    Production does not start until June 5.

    I've posted this several times before, but over on StangsUnleashed there is a video interview with the Mustang brand manager. In the video he says "Low $40s" for the coupe MSRP.
  6. I work at a Ford Dealership and I ordered mine 3/13/06 - I am paying MSRP (whatever it is) our 2nd and only other unit sold for $5K over MSRP.

    We are only getting 2 GT500's and we are an SVT dealer.

    I get about 8-10 emails a month on this car and it is sad that there are more people who want them than they will be making. That's why IMO they will not sell for under MSRP.

    Our Ford Rep said, they will be profit makers for all the dealers given the whoring that has been going on in the Domestic car market with Family Plans, X-plans, Red Tag sales etc.
  7. I talked to 3 dealers here in San Diego when the GT500 was first announced last year; they wouldn't guarantee me one even though I was the first to talk about it with them. Hell, they were charging up to $38k for the '05 Mustang GT when it first came out, so I knew there was no way I'd be able to get one anywhere close to MSRP.

    I grew up in Omaha, and a friend of the family works at Atchley and was able to guarantee me the first one they received. Gives me an excuse to go back home, and then make a cross-country road trip in it!