Why the confusing names?

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  1. What's with Ford using these confusing names? The terms GT and Cobra have come to be associated with models of Mustangs, so why use these terms for new (retro) vehicles? I know the GT-40 and the Ford Cobra are as old as, or older, than the Mustang, and I know Ford wants to capitalize on the nostalgia of these, but wouldn't it have been better to lessen the confusion by giving them distinct names? Even calling the GT the GT-44 (or whatever it's height is) would at least give it an identity of it's own. This never really bothered me until today. I was talking with some non-Ford guys today and when I said GT and Cobra concept they kept thinking Mustang.

    I know people are just going to say it's because they're not Ford guys. But really, couldn't they have named them better?

  2. I suppose their reasoning in using those familiar names is because coming up with a new and original name for these cars will likely lessen the chances of its success.
  3. I always thought Cobra was a stupid name to put on a Mustang. So a Cobra Mustand is both a Horse and a Snake. It is like driving around your own little zoo. I wonder if that is how Noah felt.
  4. The Cobra probably might be a seperate model from now on. Ford can use the Shelby, Boss, Bullitt, or Mach to designate the hopped up Mustangs.

    Heck, who knows... but it sure is nice to discuss the possiblities.
  5. In reality the Ford GT endurance cars (LeMans cars / GT-40) were ALWAYS officially just the Ford GT. The GT-40 was a name that was added on by the auto press and it just sort of stuck. In 1967 the American built cars that won Sebring & LeMans were officially the Ford GT MK-IV. They were 38" tall.

    The rift between Shelby and Ford started when Ford marketing people started sticking the "Cobra" name on almost anything that rolled off a Ford production line in the late 1960's,m such as the Ford Torino Cobras and Cobra-Jet engines. The Shelby - Ford war reached it's peak when Ford stuck some stripes and the GT-350 label on the Mustang II in the 1970's.

    In my mind, there really is only one Cobra, that is the 2 seat Shelby Cobra. But now Ford has a problem, that is after 10 years the SVT Cobra has earned a great performance image, so having a Shelby Cobra 2 seat car once again creates confusion all over again. :bang:

    The official name of the "Mustang Cobra" is SVT Cobra, but we (the customers) keep calling it a Mustang Cobra to distinguish it from the real Cobra (2 seat Shelby) and the fact that it's pretty obvious that the SVT Cobra is a hopped up Mustang.

    In any case we have a good problem. What would you rather have, So many Ford performance cars & models that we don't have enough names to go around? Or have a whole bunch of names and only 1 performance model?
  6. I have asked this same question in the past. I even started a thread about it about a month ago.

    If Shelby and Ford do indeed release a new "Cobra" roadster, what is to become of the name SVT? What will become of the SVT Cobra Mustang? The same can now be said about the GT name plate. When the original GT40 was created, Ford had a GT package for the Mustang but it was not simply called the "Mustang GT" it was still a Mustang, but with a "GT Package". It wasn't until the Fox cars came out that the GT was an actual model of the Mustang line up. I feel the same a GP001 on this, they should have named the new Ford GT the GT44 or what not.

    I feel that SVT will simply badge their cars as SVT much like they do with the Focus and did to the Contour. In other words, there will be no SVT Cobra Mustang, it will simply be the SVT Mustang.

    Just my .02
  7. Does Ford have plans to actually produce a car similar to the V-10 Cobra Concept?

    If not then why is everyone stressing out... :shrug:

    But still the SVT "Cobra" name might be in trouble if Ford does produce a Shelby Mustang again.

    With all the crap Shelby did with Dodge (Omni GLHS :puke: Shelby Durango :puke: ) and let us not forget the stint with GM and the "Series 1" :notnice:

    I think I'd rather have a S/C'ed 5.4 3 valve Cobra with an SVT badge on it than a similar car with Shelby Stripes on it.

    Just my 0.02 :shrug:
  8. On www.svt.ford.com, it is referred to both as "SVT Cobra" and "Mustang Cobra". So it's not something the customers made up. Personally, I'd rather it be called "SVT Mustang", or something else simple. Maybe then Cobra owners would remember that they still drive Mustangs.

  9. However let me ask you this. Did he make an improvement to those cars. Improved handling, hp, anything? Now granted they weren't exactly the best looking cars. But he did improve upon them.

  10. Well yeah he did to a certain extent...

    But come on...a Shelby Durango? Dakota? Have you ever seen a Series 1 on the street? I have and I hope I don't again

    I'd take a Cobra made by John Coletti Over one made by Shelby. (we're talking 2005+ here) Maybe I'm just a sucker for SVT. :shrug: (coolest sounding Ford division name evar!)
  11. All I'm pointing out it you really can't bust his chops. When he didimprove upon the vehicles. That's all he did for the mustang. And nobody is knocking him for that. So why knock him for improving another vehicle. As for the series 1. I have and I think it's a cool car. Not the best looking thing I've ever seen. But certainly not the Aztec.
  12. Good point.

    But I'd still rather drive a SVT hopped-up 2006 Cobra over a Shelby hopped-up 2006 GT-350/500/Cobra. :shrug:

    Maybe it's becasue I'm not a fan of racing stripes. :shrug:

    I also think the "retro" styled car is enough without having to change the top dog Mustang to suit the retro theme.

    Now if Ford does replace the SVT Cobra with a Shelby I'd still gladly dish-out 38-40K for one...(if only I had it :( )
  13. I don't know if you caught the show "Rides" tonight on The Learning Channel, but comments made by several of the design team leaders as well as CS himself make me believe we will see a version of this concept in the near future.
  14. I'm not sure where I stand on the whole possible gt-350/500 thing. I don't think Ford is willing to give up the SVT Cobra mustang. So I don't think anyone has anything to fear.
  15. No I didn't see Rides on TLC. IF Ford builds the Shelby Cobra would it be a 70-80K Z06/Viper killer? Since the Ford GT (149K) is doing the Ferrari/Porsche/Lambo Killing?

    If so the Cobra better have windows and a roof...not to mention a/c, stereo, and all the other amenities if they want to compete for Z06 and Viper sales.

    SVTdriver; I sure hope you're right about Ford not giving up on the SVT Cobra just when it was at its peak both image and performance wise.