Why, why, why...I hate being indecisive...help me think guys

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  1. I have finally decided to keep my '66 stang and not sell it. With the coupe market the way it is I just don't see it being worth selling right now. Now...I had been planning on using it to fund a lift/tires/driveshafts, etc for my 77 F-150 which is almost restored. Needs upholstery, some of the painless wiring harness ran, bumpers, tires, and that's about it. When I finish the bed I could probably get 5000 at least out of it. I have a month till I need to go to school so I need to find out something fast. Now...I'm also getting a 289 HiPo from a Shelby complete from the cobra oil pan to the air cleaner. I figured I might could get about 2500-3000 out of it. My '66 needs a new steering box, alignment, wheels/tires, and a new set of lifters so maybe I could get somethin cheap like Cragar street stars, put about 900 in the engine for new 4 barrel, cam, headers, get some nice new exhaust and fix the other little things and keep my truck setting stock on 33s and finish the interior up some and drive it. Here's the other option...this 289 HiPo only has 50k original miles and needs a new carb...so say I get 5000 for my precious truck I get a new Demon, paint it up and put a more aggressive cam in, dump it in my car, new steering box, lower it 1", some 454s or TTIIs, front disc brakes, new dashpad, gauges, and rollbar, cobra front clip, shelby hood scoop and drive it as is after maybe a good wetsanding. I'm torn greatly...I can take some things off my truck like the nice heavy duty starter solenoid, optima deep cycle, stereo, pertronix ignition, mufflers, etc. What would you guys do in this spot?
  2. I also hate making tough decisions man. Being a stang fanatic I say lose the truck and build the stang to your heart's content. If you're like me, think of how many chicks will dig the car, although, around here girls like badass trucks too. I've said since day one, the only way I'm selling my stang is to get a better one, and even that is going to be a little tough.

    I'm in the same boat right now as I have to make a tough choice with my engine. I'm a fan of the turbo v8 sound and performance, so you know what I'd have in a flash if money was no concern lol. But for now I have to decide between rebuilding the 289 faster, a efi 5.0 swap, or something badass like a mod motor. I'm leaning toward the mod motor but oh man is that going to be a pain and probably more expensive than I'd like. I'll probably end up with a 5.0 efi and hold off on the modular dohc for a while, but one day it will be in there (with a turbo:D).

    Godd luck man.
  3. I just want to point something out... the Shelby motor is never gonna go down in value, so keep it. Put it in the '66 and enjoy it. Even if you ever decide to sell the '66, you can pull the motor and make money on it. I do have one question though: where is the Shelby it came out of??? If you know, keep tabs on it, 'cause eventually it will end up being a resto candidate, and you should be able to make a good bit on selling the original motor back. :nice:
  4. My buddy is going to be taking that car to his grave. He has always kicked himself for selling his '68 G.T. 500KR....he misses the power...so he's using the 428 i traded him to make his into a G.T.500 w/ 4spd. So I'll always know where its at...I plan to hound him about the car as long as he lives.
  5. the mustang is alot cooler than the truck. i just went through this dilema this past week, keep mine or sell it and get like a VW. Well, I spent a grand on suspension today, so i guess that means im keeping the stang :-D

    btw, *cough* why not sell the 2 ugly 71's *cough* :D
  6. I have to admit, tiresmknwindsr has a big dilema but either way it involves a mustang on the outcome. But 65FB2+2, what would you get from selling a vintage mustang and buying a VW, that might be IMO the worst transition possible. There is no comparison to the good sound of a classic flying down the highway. Sorry but that comment made my head explode at just the thought.....maybe that's just me.
  7. sell me the mustang ;)
  8. hahah. well, first, a VW was the first car I ever owned. Second, as you can see in my sig I run a VW performance and tech website just like this stangnet. Third, 31mpg. Fourth, AC. Fifth, Stereo. Sixth, 5spd. Seventh, comfortable seats.

    BUT! I managed to get past all those and keep it, so I just ordered my $1000 suspension :D next comes AOD, aluminum RAD and tri y headers with cutouts :D