Why won't my 94 Mustang Crank

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Sherbert, May 12, 2010.

  1. Ok, for starters its a 1994 Mustang, v6, 3.8L.
    We have been able to roll start it and it runs great.
    Sadly it wont crank.
    When we turn the key the starter (which we have just replaced) makes a loud noise but there is nothing other than that. We are getting very disheartened.
    The battery is new, the starter and solenoid are new, the fuses are all good, the starter relay is fine.
    I was told there might be a second solenoid, we cant find it.
    But if anyone knows what the problem is an answer would be greatly appericaited.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. what do you mean by a loud noise? is it just a loud click? is it a grinding sound?
  3. It is kind of a free spinning noise, maybe alittle grinding.
  4. why is the starter *new*.... was it doing this before you replaced the starter? has it ever worked right since the new starter was installed?
    sounds like it isn't touching the teeth on the flywheel.......maybe they gave you the wrong starter:shrug: either that or the starter is bad & isn't engaging & is just spinning internally.
    definently sounds like a an issue with the starter.
  5. Before we put the new one on it wouldnt do anything. so we changed it, now it just makes that noise. i have taken it back to the shop twice and they replaced the solenoid and the mechanism that hits the fly wheel. and it still makes the noise.
    I made sure its the right starter.
    Im just really confused at this point.
    Anybody have this happen before?
  6. sounds like you have a bad or improperly installed starter. what does the shop say? when you try to start it, does the noise slowly wind down after you let off the key? like a whiney noise? just trying to figure on it a little.
    if you were anywhere near me I would come over & take a look at it for you. I am curious as to what the shop says about it. they should know what is wrong.it's only a starter on a mustang for pete's sake. not like it is a rare car that they have never seen before.
  7. yes the noise is a whiney ( couldnt think of this word until you said it- best describes what im hearing.) noise and it fades as you let the key off.
    And we have only taken the starter to the shop never while it was connected to the car.
    Is there any special trick to installing it? We put it back just the same way it came off.
  8. Make sure the started teeth are fully linked with the teeth on the flywheel. Did you put both bolts back in?

    My other thought is that you got a started with the wrong size gear on the end and that it isn't touching the flywheel.
  9. +1 on both statements
  10. A whining sound indicates the Bendix gear is not engaging the flywheel. There is only one solenoid and that is the one sitting on the starter. When you turn on the key to start the car, the solenoid has an arm that pushes the bendix gear into the flywheel. It stays engaged as long as you hold the key in the start position. When your car starts and you release the key, the bendix gear goes back towards the starter. So, the whining indicates that the gear is in the housing turning without engaging. Also, concerning the installation, it is only 2 bolts. The gear cover should slide right in the flywheel cover hole and sit flat. Then you just bolt it back in. It is hard to imagine an improperly installed starter as it just sits flat. How did the other bendix on the old starter look when you pulled it out?