Why won't my signal lights work?

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by StangGrrLy, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. My signal lights are dead. :mad: My hazards still flash, and all my wiper controls on the signal light arm still work. No fuses are blown so what the heck's going on?
  2. sounds like the flasher for the blinkers is out. there is one for the hazards, and a seperate for the blinkers
  3. :stupid: ...easy enough/cheap to replace the flasher...you can even get the ones that blink reallly reallly fast like the ricers!
  4. Mr Woodster,
    Which ones flash faster, and are there any mods besides just plugging it in? Don't know if thats what I want, but I was curious about your statement. :spot:
  5. Does your defrost still work too? If not, it's your ignition switch. If so, it's probably the flasher.

  6. Have you checked your blinker fluide? Ok bad joke :D

    When you cut a blinker on does the light come on but does not flash? If so its that flasher switch you hear clicking when there flashing. Its not a round shape plug that should be located in the fuse box but not sure on our cars since I've never replaced a fuse in my car :) Now since your hazards work it maynot be that switch but I'm not sure if the hazards has there own switch or share the same with the blinkers :shrug:
  7. Yes, its an easy little plug and play deal, it determines how fast the blinker *blinks*, i forget exactly what the number is, but if you ask at any parts store or do a search via google youll come up with the right flasher for faster flashing.....kind of annoying to me, i like the laaaooong drawnnn out flash... only becuase its the oposite of rice ;)
  8. It's your signal flasher module. I don't know if it is different on other model years, but I had to open my glove box to access it. Takes a whole 30 seconds to change.
  9. OK here's the deal.....a little while back when I tried to signal, the light would come on but wouldnt flash. Then it started working again, but it was flashing even slower than usual and really erratically. Then they just died altogether, the light won't even come on when I try to signal (maybe it's stuck in off instead of on?) so you guys still think it's the flasher?
  10. Yes Mam ;)

    Its only a $1.00-$2.00 (us) swtich and 30 seconds to change it out, so if thats is not it no big lose.
  11. I don't think it's the flasher, if they died entirely. I believe the flasher is wired specifically to either slow way down or speed way up when it's on it's way out....unless you drove it like that for long enough to kill it, it should be still working. You didn't answer my question. ;)

  12. Ash is on something here I replaced mine last december and the fuse was fine I thought that my def was just dead and a seperate issue. Turned out that they were connected and I ended up going to the J/Y and pulling an ignition switch to replace mine.
  13. As far as I know, the defroster still works (The green light comes on when I push the switch for it, but there is no frost on my windows to see if it's actually defrosting lol). The lights did slow way way down right before they died though. :dunno:
  14. You get a green light for defrost? How weird...mine is amber. :p Anyway, if it seems to be working, it probably isn't your ignition switch - yet. Try the flasher, I bet it'll work. :)

  15. have someone stand out side the car and turn the signals on and check to see if all the lights front and back come on, it could be as simple as a bulb burnt. most cars if one bulb is burnt on the signals, the light on the dash lights but doesnt flash. if the bulbs are fine, then check the flasher. both are a quick easy fix.
  16. No, her flasher is out. My flashers wouldn't blink PERIOD when the unit went out.
  17. Did she ever get those lights to work :shrug:
  18. Lol I just bought a new flasher today, I have yet to put it in though. :nice:

    And Ash, my bad, the light is amber....I don't know where I got green from lol....

  19. This is true, I just bought a new one today and put it in, was very easy.
  20. i have the same problem with my blinkers. yesterday i put a new igntion switch...but theres not a dash in my car...so i really can't test anything yet. i doubt that was the problem anyways...i'm going to have to get a new flasher relay.