Why won't my signal lights work?

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by StangGrrLy, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. Well this is a piss-off.....I changed the flasher and checked all the fuses.....still nothing. :mad: Ignition switch next perhaps?
  2. did you switch the correct one? i believe the one on the fuse panel is for the hazards and the turn signals are behind the glove box area
  3. I recently had this same problem in my 88. the flasher in the fuse panel is for the hazards. The one for the signals(for my car at least) is behind the fuse panel but up more towards the steering colum. should look the same as the other flasher
  4. Mine were acting up and it was the large gray plug connecting to the steering column. Put a zip tie on it,all good. Of course you have to take the plastic around the column off.
  5. If your AC/Heater dont work its your ignition switch, just changed mine, the part was 23 bux canadian from ford.
  6. well im a lil late

    my turn signals, hazards, reverse, heat. nuthin works all good fuses and bulbs i dunno
  7. i believe its 2.25 but i could be wrong someone else should chime in in a minute
  8. oooopppps

    replied to the wrong post
  9. CALL Ford with your VIN. there was a recall on the ignition switches. it's FREE. my blinkers and blower died out. I could wiggle the keys and get it working. Ford replaced it & everything fine.
  10. well i dont think thats the prob

    my genius lil bro was helpin me hook my fan up and he is pretty good with cars to. well he hooked my fan up right to the fuse panel with no inline fuseor anything and well needless to say it fried the fan and the wire runnin to the fuse panel and after that none of the stuff has worked and the blower went out over the winter so i dont know whats wrong with it.
  11. LOL I musta changed the wrong one....:doh: I switched the one on the fuse panel. OK I'll try again, you say it's behind the glove box?
  12. Yup I remember this re call it was the second or largest auto re call in the U.S. It covered almost all Fox bodies and a few other Fords and that switch would catch the car on fire if I remember right:( At that time I was giving my Ford friends a ton of crap about Fords and then that happened :D Back then I was a full blown Chevy man and in many ways I still am a Chevy guy but I bought a four banger Ford to save gas and loved it every since. Hell I loved it so much I bought another :nice:
  13. Finally got mine replaced well after the recall started. if it has never been preformed by FOMOCO then they will replace it. It was a safety issue, therefore its free. As I recall the problems started out in the Aerostar and it went from there. Took them all of 2 hrs to do with no problems.
  14. Well I finally got mine fixed. The damn turn signal flasher is waaaay in the back of the dash, behind the radio. :mad: But it's changed, and now the lights flash at a normal rate lol.