Why would a cop do this?

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  1. Ok. So im driving down the road going about 45 in a 40...really...my radar goes off about a mile down the road so i slow down to about 42...about 30 seconds later a cop comes driving by me going the opposite direction. He then flips a u-turn and pulls me over. We go through the usual bs and then he tells me i was doing 52 in a 40...i was shocked but was polite of course....he goes back to his car and runs my dl and everything like that...he comes back and gives me a warning? WTF? I wasn't speeding in the first place so he pulls me over. Then he gives me a warning for not speeding? I figure he saw my car and was just an old fart cop that hates kids...he was actually like 25 and pretty nice about it...maybe he had just watched super troopers or something? :shrug: Then again...he never said meow so i dunno...
  2. He obviously had nothing better to do than harrass you. Is there anyway you can fight that warning especially if you feel that you were not speeding? I've gotten warnings and from what they(cops) told me it goes into their computer.If I get stopped again in the near future they will fine me and go to court.
  3. well he didnt give me a ticket at the time....so i dont care....too much
  4. I'm seriously starting to think those radars are off by 10mph on purpose.
    The cop that pulled me over one time said I was going 10mph faster than I was, and everytime I hear these stories, the cop tells the person their going 10mph faster than they were.
    Now I figure if it was all a lie: 1) It wouldn't have happened to me and 2) Everybody would come up with different numbers, not just 10.

    Something to think about.
  5. going 42 in a 40 is speeding
  6. Yes. But it's still not doing 52.

    And if you're saying you wouldn't be pissed about getting a ticket for 2 over the Speed limit, you're a freaking liar.
  7. maybe your speedo isn't accurate? I'm lucky enough to get my speed checked all the time on my way to work, lucky me I don't speed (waste of Procharger).

    In most, if not all states, it's required that a calibration check be performed on the radar unit after stopping a vehicle/giving a ticket. The calibration check is highly accurate and just ensures that the radar is working well within guidelines....if they're off by 1 mph....ours are put out of service. Hope it helps.....

    at least you didn't get a ticket
  8. Almost nowher will ive you a ticket for less than 5 over. Some dickhead cops will but even if you look at most fine scales they start at 5 or six over
  9. Don't worry about the warning. I've got a ton of them and no cop ever told me I've had one to many.
  10. It is called harassment.
  11. of the sexual sort, he was attracted to that piece of rice ridin down the road and got hungry, and got his emotions confused and just wanted to check you out...

    bottem line, cop=gay
  12. i guy got 75 in a 70 or sumnthin like that in the gumball 3000 movie lol
  13. speaking of the gumball, does anyone here know what techno track they used on the trailer?? it's killing me... there are no words to search for, and the composer of the trailer isn't responding to emails... (I'm talking about the little 3 min one of the Gumball 3000)
  14. Dont worrie about it. I get followed down the road and pulled over atleast once sometimes twice a week just for cops to tell me 1. they like my car, 2. they ask me if I was going a little fast, I tell them no I am going 5 or more under the speed limit. 3. I park go in a store come out and the cop is still sitting there and then when I leave he follows me some more. Now if you went threw this I would be worried.
  15. I got a speedcal from dallas mustang and my speedo stays dead accurate till about 55 when it starts saying im going slower then i am. So im sure i wasn't speeding. The road i was on is a heavily patrolled road as it is. Im just thinking maybe he just made a mistake and shot someone else...or just really wanted to get a close look of my car. Although he did do that thing where he nails me with radar while im stopped at the light. We had to stop at a light and he didnt have his lights on but he was pegging the crap out of me...it was quite annoying. I think im going to invest in one of those phaszar thingies that messes up their signals. Its got a pay for your ticket feature so ill see how that works. Then again, i really don't speed all that much anyways so i dunno

  16. Technically, yes. But you can't get a ticket for it. There is a 5mph leeway given to you by the law dogs. It's to account for the variations of accuracy in your speedo and their radar gun. The lowest ticket they can give out is 5 over the speed limit, and they usually only do that if they want to be dicks. (as shown in the Gumball 3000 dvd)
  17. Lets refrase this a tiny bit. That is the lowest they should go by. There is no law(at least in texas)You can get a ticket for doing 21 in a 20 and you can lose in court. I've seen it happen. I mean the cop and the judge have to be complete asses but it happened to my friend. Any speeding in a school zone can be ticketed. You either have to hire a lawyer to prove that exact cops gun isn't dead accurate to win or have the cop not show up.
  18. I know in my area, the court payout slips start at "1 mph over" and go to "26 + mph over"........... there is no leeway......stopping for 5 mph over is common......giving tickets for 5+ mph through dangerous intersections saves lives.....
  19. Oh sorry, it has to be 5 over in pennsylvania. I assumed it was like that most other places too since PA is pretty ghetto. Though you're right, they can get you for anything over in school zones (as well as construction zones too).
  20. leeway in my county is 10%, I know cuz my next door neighbor is the sheriff
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