Why would a cop do this?

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  1. I'm telling you........the leeway doesn't really matter. I've seen guys write tickets for 1 mph over, through a dangerous intersection or during snowy/icy conditions.

    You probably won't get stopped in a busy area for 5 mph-9mph over during the day.......once it starts to get dark, prepare yourself to get stopped for anything and everything. That's prime drunk time.....make sure that your registration is on the right corner of your license plate, cuz IT"S ON
  2. We no longer put stickers on the liscense plates in texas. We have window stickers!
  3. one answer could solve this all... if a cop pulls you over in a mustang.. that means more or less he just wants to see the beast... over here in michigan right by the ford head quarters in dearborn cops only pull over like rice burners and stuff.. they see a ford there like ok it's cool.. he's not speeding. It happens to me all the time. A will be doing like 80 in a 65 and rice burner will be doing 70 in a 65 and the cops go after the rice burner. so chances are cops just want to see the american muscle.
  4. uhhhhhhhhhhh...........ok
  5. I got a story for you thats even worse years ago i was traveling down freeway doing about 68 in a 65 zone some fool zooms past me in supra doing about 80, the cop comes out of nowhere and pulls me over and claims I was doing 80 he used the radar gun readout from the other guy on me. I told him I wasnt doing 80 he simply said my radar shows 80 :rolleyes:. I actually had to pay the ticket too.
  6. blubullitt: wow thats bs...you should have gotten a lawyer for that one...I would be so mad if a cop tried to pull that on me
  7. it all depends on the cop...some have bad days, some don't like kids in stangs, like when i got pulled for not having a front license plate (yes that's seriously a law here in cali...freaking liberal control freaks). it was a $10 fix-it ticket but it p!ssed me off anyway since there was a rice rocket in the naxt lane without one, either
  8. I just got the front license plate ticket like a month ago no joke. They got me for that and for tinted windows police pulled me over and first thing they asked me was "this car belong to you" :rolleyes:. I didnt know, you just payed 10 dollars and it was done with though. The one I got years ago when the cop used the wrong radar readout on me I tryed to fight that one I took that one to court. I represented myself I actually got the cop to admit in court that there was someone traveling faster then me and I still lost. I never bothered fighting a ticket again after that.I have gotten quite a few that i deserved but that wasnt one of them. I personally think you're better off just paying the fine and going to traffic school sometimes regardless of if you are right or wrong.
  9. Thats why we have lawyers :D...
  10. Haha, dudes, I read this article (or was it my physics textbook :D) and it points out that there's some error if the cop is trying to tag you if they're not directly behind or infronta u.

    That can prolly account for some of it?
  11. I got a no front license plate ticket while driving my dads car last October. I am still fighting with the court over it. The cop had nothing better to do and just wanted to be a prick, that is all there is to it.
  12. It's called cosine error, when there is an error, it's always in the offender's benefit. It only comes into play when both vehicles are moving, but not approaching each other in opposite lanes. For instance if one lane moves in a directly straight line and the other lane curves towards or away from the cop at the time of the speed check it would make the cops speed display higher, and the offenders speed display lower than actual speed.

    Radars are built to be in the speeders benefit.....they won't be erroneously high, otherwise they'd all be put out of service
  13. I almost got a ticket for doing 32 in a 30 zone. cop showed me the radar gun 32 mph. He must if herd mw coming with the 94 5.0 with flowmasters and bbk headers. lol then he begun questoning if my car was still leagal becasue it is lowerd and the exhaust. I just said hey i dont know it's not my car it's the dealerships, Im on my farthers dealer plate because i havent gotten it registerd yet so it was a good excuse. Turned out we sold him his last 3 cars and is frends with the family so he just said have fun and left me alone.
  14. shut up gandor (however you spell it)

    My god who wants to listen to you ****. you got a ****ing warning and are complaning about it. Man count your blessing. Wow a warning oh no. Your to much of a complaing **** to own a stang i feel sry for your car not going fast enough.
  15. dude, the newbies are getting awfully brave with the language
  16. 1. Excuse me? I figure its about time to grill up some newbie burgers. Where do you go off thinking that anyone wants to hear u **** about my ****ing? Thats more of a paradox if you ask me...I don't recall asking your opinion on this subject. I was merely stating a situation that happened me so that a few of the people here could ponder it. Now unlike you, I do not need to attack you for no reason. In fact, your breaking the rules. This is a personal attack if i've ever seen one.

    2. You feel sorry for my car not going fast enough? What basis do you have for stating this question? What basis do you have for speaking out? There is a saying that your mommy probably tells u to this day. If you don't have anything nice to say...then shut the f*** up b****. I normally don't resort to name calling but i feel it personafies all that you are and ever will be. Why don't you grow up then maybe you can come out and play with the big boys again. I know you have some control, you don't crap your pants every day. Maybe you can control your mouth next time :nonono:

    Btw, what is a futor mod?
  17. smells like BS to me
  18. from the nooblar...
  19. Whats with the attack? Can you explain?
  20. thats what im wondering? :shrug:
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