Why would anybody drive a new Stang in road salt...

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  1. Move to the South where we have no snow. Problem solved. :)
  2. After I read all those posts awhile back on you guys finding the black widow spiders in and under your cars I'm NEVER going South again:rlaugh:
    I had a bout with a huge, hairy wolf spider in my apt. once when I lived in Tampa Fla., that thing was huge! No way I was going to try and get to sleep till I found it and killed it, took me 30 minutes to track him down and after half a can of bug spray, I won:nice:

    The snow is kinda fun to drive in, it's that road salt thats the killer on our cars.
    Those of us in the North invented "drifting" many, many years ago after a good 3-6" snowfall. We all went out and hit the parking lots before the stores opened, best times we ever had tearing up those lots full of snow and ice. Good practice as well incase you ever have to deal with the real thing in traffic.

    If you never bumper hitched as a kid after a good heavy snowfall you don't know what you missed out on:nice: Sometime I gotta fill in Mom and Pop what we as kids in the neighborhood used to do after they all went to bed:rlaugh:

    Just last year I was looking out my window laughing, watching my 45 y/o neighbor tearing up the parking lot across the street w/ his truck after a good snow. Guess he got tired of plowing and wanted to have some fun:nice:
  3. It's a $30K car for jiminie sake, not a million-five Enzo or the likes.

    We all like our Mustangs, but there are millions of 'em on the road. Trying to figure out what is so special, that you don't think it should be driven on roads with salt.
  4. Brockport, New York

    My Dad and Mom's farm was about 1/2 mile north of "Hamlin" (which is about 5 miles directly north of Brockport). When they took me back there in 1972 - I was 10 - we stayed at what had been my grandfather's farm; which was then owned by a school friend of my Dad. From their son's second story bedroom window, you could easily see the waters of Lake Ontario.
  5. It doesn't matter if there are millions of stangs or not, each and very stang has the potenial to becomming a classic if taken care of. Look how everyone blew off the mustang II's, calling them pinto's on steroids. They even bring a high dollar now. The least valuble stangs right now are the fox body 4 cylinder automatics and they may change in another 20 years, the Gt's will allways have classic status. I bought my 07 as a keeper and it is my first stang since 79 when I wrecked my 68 FB. I was drawn to the new stangs because of the retro styling. It's up to each and everyone what they do with thier car. For some people, it's just the flavor of the month and next year they could be driving an MX-5 miata or something.
  6. I have waited SO many years for my car, I don't care if there are a million on the road or not. Mine is special to me. Once I've dumped a ton of money into it and it's restored and all pretty-pretty, I won't be subjecting it to our nasty canadian winters. That's what the Pinto is for, and beater or not, I'd rather risk a $400 car than one that's got payments left on it.

    To the fella that mentioned RWD in the winter, I feel much more comfortable in my RWD truck than any FWD. I'd rather have my ass in the ditch than my head. I found it scary to lose traction AND steering at the same time in a FWD.

    Just my .02

    Oh and JD, I've seen folks driving all sorts of cars in the snow that made me cringe. If you can avoid it, I think you should, but some people see cars as nothing more than a mode of transportation. Others, as PP mentioned, don't have a choice. We make it a lifestyle and a passion, and I agree with you on this one. :D
  7. Sounds like its a nice place you lived at considering you could see the lake. I didn't know it was near Rochester, I see the I 490 signs when we go to the Syracuse State Fair, looks like a staright shot to BrockPort from there.
    You still have any family in N.Y.?
  8. Well said, and Ranger04:nice:
  9. Didn't live there myself; I was born after my immediate family moved out here. I've only been back there that one time when I was 10 (1972); and we were only in the Rochester/Brockport/Hamlin area for two weeks. The rest of the time was spent "flying low" across the country in Dad's 429-powered '71 LTD.

    As far as I can remember; I met "family" in Rochester (Dad's cousin worked for Kodak; "Kodachrome" and "Ektachrome" were his patented-by-the-company creations) and most of the rest of Monroe County! In 1996, I was working on control circuits for a local Ham Radio repeater; bought some stuff from an outfit called "HamTronics" in Hilton, NY..... turns out the salesguy I was talking to was married to a (third- or fourth-) cousin of mine.

    We actually do have one minor "salt-rust" problem out here..... During what we call "storm season", we'll get some heavy winds (sometimes like 40+ MPH) out of any direction, bearing very fine sand! Lot's of it. Called "brown blizzards".
    Now, for what reason is sand mentioned around this forum? Yeah, cars left outside around here often literally start losing paint. It takes a long time, long enough that you don't really notice it; until we get a strong wind out of the south bringing up heavy moisture out of El Golfo, and reddish brown patches start appearing in the paint :eek: It's not like living in Hawaii or something (at least they don't get natural sand-blasting); but it can and does happen.

  10. Hate to tell you, they are still blowing off the II's. The only ones bringing any sort of money are the ultra low mileage ones.

    People are still skipping over the II's and going right to Foxes. The only thing the II's are good for is retrofitting the front end into your classics.

    I have no problem with anyone wanting to keep thier car clean and off the salt roads, that is a personal choice, but to sit here and say how unbeleivable that someone who owns one would dare to drive when there is salt on the road is just plain silly.

    Again, we all love our Mustangs or else we wouldn't be on the baords posting like we do, but the reality is, there are millions on the road, and the car isn't that special. Kust my opinion.
  11. Yea never thought of sand storms doing damage. I remember seeing the storm our Troops got caught up in when they where going into Baghdad, that was nasty.
    I really wouldn't mind some Hawaiian weather about now, we just got dumped on again today, and mores on the way. If your in Colo. then you must have gotten nailed to.

    Haven't been on here much this week, we lost my brothers dog Freddy this Monday, (my current avitar pic). Little guy was 14 and had his kidneys failing.
    I took over most of his care the past 5 months, and would do it again in a minute. He was one in a million and was like losing one of my own. Gonna miss that little guy.
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