why would you do this to a mustang???

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  1. Well, they probably thought it was a good idea; and it could/should have been. Don't know what the "designer" :rolleyes: was thinking of, though....... the area between the rear door and the decklid looks like @$$; and the interior can best be called "expensive ghetto". I could have come up with a better sillouhette and classier interior; and I have all the artistic talent of a blind ground squirrel. :nonono:
  2. Would u rather ride in a ricer limo?
  3. FINALLY!!! A mustang you can get really busy in the back seat with!!!!
  4. That one pops up on ebay on a fairly regular basis.
  5. Prospective buyers don't like the looks of it either? :p

    To be honest, I've seen (and we've all heard about) Mustang "works of art" that wre so trashed that they were unsafe to drive. With the way this "limo" looks; what mechanical shape is it really in? :rolleyes:

    Oh, hey, by the way krash; gonna do the brakes on the Lariat this weekend (if the parts come in). Can't wait to see how it goes; and I'm a little leary of what tools I'm gonna find out that I don't have for the truck.....
  6. Different strokes for different folks. This ranks up there with some of the worst.
  7. AAAAAAHHH! MY EYES!! They're bleeding!!! :rlaugh:

    Hey if it's solid, that's actually a pretty good feat, uglier than a bucket of @$$holes, but each to their own.
  8. hahaha thats hilarious... it is completely ridiculous... it would be pretty funny to drive behind the thing, which looks normal from the back, then go for the long pass
  9. If I remember correctly, that car was modified back in the late 80's. Might explain some of the design cues.

    It's always up on ebay.
  10. Ugh! The designers of those car didn't do the Stang justice!

    Mustang 07 - Ford Mustang Catalog 2007
  11. I like the idea, just not the execution. If I had enough money and two front-end/rear-end totals, I'd do it.

  12. I agree! They didn't even put in a jacuzzi :)