Why you chose a II?

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  1. I was just thinking about why I decided on a II for my car of choice and thought...It would be cool to hear everyones story. So please do tell...

    As for me, I blame it on 1st love. lol My first "real" girlfriend back in the 80's bought me an MPG Mustang II model kit for my birthday. I thought it was the baddest model! I guess it rubbed off, when I was looking for my first car it HAD to be a Mustang II fastback. I've had one ever since.
  2. I don't remember why I wanted one, but I was in the market for something other than the Ford Courier I was driving in high school. It needed to be cheap (McDonald's pay) and I wanted either a Mustang II or a Celica fastback. Of course, I found a cheap Mustang II before I could even find any Celicas.
  3. I first met my II when I was about 14. All I knew was it was some 70's model mustang, and loving any and all old mustangs, I loved this one too. So a few years later, it came up for sale. I knew the guy who owned it because the car. And I bought it. I didn't even know what a mustang II was! I just knew that it was an old mustang, no different then a 67, or 72 to me. Then I got on the internet and proudly told people I was getting a 74 mustang. And they told me "those aren't cool, those are pinto's, those suck. :rolleyes: But by god, I love that mustang, and some day, it's going to be the fastest mustang in the west! :rlaugh:
  4. I got mine because it looked really bad sitting in that yard... i never looked for a mustang though.. i just happen to come upon it and that was that
  5. My love for the II began when my dad bought my uncle's Mustang II from him for my brother. This is the car we bought: http://mustangii.net/articles/not_two_different.asp

    My brother was in college, so I got to drive it a lot, and I loved it. It got a lot of attention, and always positive feedback. Sadly, it was totaled by a red light runner that tboned me while I was making a left turn.

    So I was car shopping again, looking at a lot of cars, but finally I knew I wanted to get another II, but with a bit more muscle. So I found a II in Washington, had it shipped here, and went to work. It had a 302 instead of a V6, so it was a bit quicker. I later had some engine issues with it, so on came the 393.

    This car is a monster, and I love it. I plan to keep it forever if all goes well.
  6. I was 14 and went with my cousin to the ford dealership to look at a pickup truck for him, and I seen a brand new red 84 mustang sitting in the showroom, and I knew I had to have a mustang.
    Since there was no way I could afford a new mustang. I started looking in the paper, and soon found I was never going to be able to afford a 60's mustang either. Then a few months before my 18th birthday I seen an ad for a 78 mustang ll that was in my price range and went and took a look at it. I didn't even know what a mustang ll was at the time, but once I took it for a test drive I knew it was the car for me.
  7. I was car shopping for something cheap and reliable, so I could get out from under the car payments I was AND still am paying.
    I knew I wanted some kind of an old Ford, with a V8, having grown up with old Fords around, be it whether show or race cars, even I knew them inside and out.
    The add was in the local paper for a 77 Mustang. It ran but needed a front seal in the trans.
    Brought it home, and immediately started seeing things it needed, and improvements we wanted to do.
    So know it sits under the barn roof being restored, while I'm still making payments on my daily driver.
    And I could'nt be any happier, except maybe to find a cheap dependable car we DON'T like and just drive it, so I can lose my car payments!!
    Chuck and Lu
  8. I had just locked up an oil pump and sheered some gears and timing belt on my 2.3 litre 1980 merc capri.

    So I needed some quick transportation I knew a guy that sold his to another guy for $100 and he wanted to sell it for $500 --I got him down to $300.

    It ran just overheated just needed to flush the radiator
    My original plan was to pull the motor and trans and put in my capri then I realized I had to pull the rear also [coil spring to leaf conversion] "No thanks"

    So I drove it for 8 months rebuilt the motor on the merc, then decided to do some bodywork and paint her (cobra) in my garage I did It looked beautiful

    I sold the capri for $900 2 years later the day before I was sent to Turkey by the (USAF) and the rest is history. I just keep dumping a couple hundred rebuilding the drive train every few years into her in addition to nomal upkeep.

    ps anybody got a couple hundred for a new Paint Job :lol:
  9. There was a green 78 parked behind my Dad's used car dealership for about 3 years. When it was time for me to have a car we pulled that old car out and painted it black, put a four barrel on it and I had my first hot rod. Since then I've loved the II. Here's a picture of my original 78 in the high school parking lot. This pic is from about 1988/89. :banana:


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  10. I had saved up money all summer to get a Ranchero. I almost bought three of them before I gave up. Then, I went to buy a two-door Fairmont. My bus driver overheard me and I ended up buying her '78 Rallye for $200!
  11. I fell in love with them about when I was 16. At that time, I didn't really like Mustangs because everyone and their brother had an 87 or newer Mustang and thought theirs was the fastest in town, even though most only had minor bolt ons (not even headers). I was riding around with some friends, and I saw a 76/77 Cobra II, white with red stripes, for sale on the side of the road. I asked my friends what it was, and they said "That's a Mustang II, you don't want it, they're pieces of ****!" I was like, "Hell no! That thing's cool as hell!". It was different, and still a Ford. I loved the way it looked. At that time, being in high school and all, I hardly had any money, and what I did have, I was putting it into my Bronco. I just read up on them, looking at pictures and what not. When I took 2 semesters of automotive classes at the local community college, I was the only one in the class without a hot rod, and the bug got to me. (I was a dedicated four wheeler at the time). I started searching for II's around, and only found 2. One of them was too beat up, and another one was a 78 King Cobra. I drove the King and fell even more in love with the cars. I couldn't afford it. After I did my 2 semesters of automotive classes, I started working full time, and decided to get a II for a project. I bought a white and gold Cobra II from Miami, and drove it all the way up to Durham, NC. I tinkered with it some, but my then stepdad didn't like the rust on the car, and had the car stripped down by the mechanic at the shop it was at at that time. After we exchanged a few words, I started looking for another one, this time I wanted one how I wanted. I called Phil at the Mustang II specialty shop and asked him if he knew any around, and wouldn't you know it, he had just what I wanted. Black and gold Cobra II, black interior, V8, and 4 speed. I went down to Alabama and picked it up, and so started my new project.
  12. I was looking for a new car.

    I went to Ford.

    I got a II.
  13. The family needed a second car. I wanted one. Hey when your sixteen that's just one of those things! I wanted a "classic" weren't really any in the family's price range. As it was my parents had to take a loan for a few months to pay the $2200 off. Anyways there was my II at Love pontiac in Victorville CA, and another 74 green ghia at another dealer. We test drove the ghia, hated the green and the shag..... Liked my literal old lady coupe with a fresh paint job much better. I never paid much attention to II's before I got one. I've been defending it ever since (22yrs and counting). Ohh that makes me feel old. It held it's own against quite a few v-8's in high school. That and a reputation for being able to turn it on a dime and have change! I have owned several other II's and a 66. But they all came and went. My original will never leave!
    Ever notice the 76ish celica's were a stang clone anyway?
  14. I had been looking for a very light, cheap Ford car that had a factory option for a V8. My older brother learned that his friend had a '77 II coupe sitting in his front yard with a blown V6 in it. So he bought it for $200 and gave it to me for a birthday/christmas present.(That was 1989) I found a parts Ghia II with a running 302 in it and I traded it for one of my electric guitars. I pulled the running gear and dropped it in my coupe over the winter, and the following spring, on the road it went. (I also got the original 13" aluminum slots from the parts car) That first summer with my II was one of the most enjoyable. (I blew up my first automatic that year.. ah, the memories)
  15. Sorry Meg, Im not sure that you qualify as "in the west" but if so, theres a couple of nice quick ones out here..... and theyve already spoken.

    My story: There was a white fastback for sale about 2 blocks from my parents house. It had a 351W in it. I was 16 and i never got to drive it. about 3 months later, my best friend got his 76 CBII (now my parts car :rlaugh: ) and he was gonna fix it up, never happened.

    A few months after that (late fall) I found my '77 2+2 with Ttops.. Bright red, 2.3. That cost me 75 bux and the tow home. I was 17, and it had to sit through the winter. In the spring, I basically dumped gas in the carb, and there she went. and ran for 5 years after that.

    I still have that car, I shoulda put the work into it instead of my coupe.
    I chose a II, cuz they were the best dam Mustang ever built!!!!!!!
  16. My first toy car was a plastic 65 2+2, so I've always been a Mustang fan. When it came time for my 1st car in '81, I knew I wanted a Mustang. I spent an awful lot of time staring at the 'Cobra Bites Man' ad, and I think that made me more partial to the II.

    I didn't find any Cobras available, but I did fall in love with an all red '76 V8 Ghia with 49k miles for $2500. Shiny red paint, red vinyl top, red trim, and red interior. I know I've owned better performing cars since, but at the time it seemed like the fastest, best handling car on the road!

    I hope these links work:
    The ad - http://www.mustangii.net/photo_temp...le_Page_Ads&imagename=images/ads/bites_ad.jpg

    My 1st II - http://home.bellsouth.net/p/s/commu...olderid=148843&curRec=4&folderview=thumbs&ck=

  17. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    You've got to be one of very few original II owners anywhere. SWEET! :flag:

  18. So....you are in fact, that person that found "The Right Car at The Right Time?" :shrug: To think, that an offshoot of that fateful decision, eventually brought you to this place of harmony and dissent! :chair:

    Your post implies that a II wasn't necessarily the car you had in mind for purchase at the time of your visit. Perhaps you might elaborate more specifically on what made the II your final choice?

  19. Thanks.

  20. That could be said.

    I too was thinking of a Celica.

    I was sort of looking for the Toyota dealer when I stopped by Ford. They showed me a silver V8 II. I took it around the block, then I took it home.

    The real story starts after I bought the car.

    It wasn't. Untill I met Her.

    {insert graphic if I can find it}

    The popular Mustangs had Funny Graphics and looked a little too Funky for me.

    Straight up silver with dark red interior. Understated. Able to blend in.

    Torque. Potential.

    Felt Right.