Why you chose a II?

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  1. A couple things I've noticed from reading our postings-
    I don't know if anyone's noticed, but from the sounds of it just about every one of us never intended to ever buy a II. But somehow and in different ways the car had sold itself to us. Not pushed onto us or come to us like alot of the 60's cars do, the "I gotta have one cause everybody else thinks they're cool" cliche. And I too think the MII crowd is a different crowd and that separates us from other classic car groups. We're here cause we WANT to be, enjoy to be, and love our bastardized cars in a way that a '60s Mustang (or any other) owner will never know.
    And it truly amazes me how attached we are. Most of us, like someone said, do own 2 or more II's. Now the inside joke to a non-II owner would be you'd need more than 2 to keep one running. Yeah...well, at least there isn't 45 '76 Mustangs that all look alike at every car show or cruise you go to. :rolleyes: Being unique has it's advantages. And you can't lie with the numbers. The II must have been a pretty damn good car to have sold in the great numbers that it did and it wasn't the only car in it's class on the market at the time. :nice:
  2. Over the last 3 years of going to the Knott's Berry Farm's "Fabulous Fords Forever" car show, I've noticed that each year, there are fewer and fewer IIs in the show. In the 2004 show there were 4 out of about 800 or so cars. That is sad. So is the fact that they are being chopped up for the "vintage Mustang" crowd for the front suspension. So, I said to the boss, er, wife, that the next time I find one I'm gonna save it. The II deserves to be saved because it is a valuable part of Mustang history. So, while working part time at a Ford dealer, I took one on trade from the original owner. It needs work as it has never been touched over the last 140K miles. Just oil and brake changes. But I rebuilt the carb, put new cats on it, tuned the 6er and it passed smog (I hate Calif smog laws). I drive it around town and it runs GREAT. Not bad....a piece of Mustang history, a nice driver with auto, air, P/S and P/B all for about $500 total. I have fun driving the II and my 03 Mach 1 because they are just not your every day cookie cutter car. I can go for days without seeing either on the road, other than mine. Now let the restoration begin....after the 65 Coupe is done, of course. :D Until the 05 Stang came out, I had all 3 generations at one time in my driveway. My son thought THAT was cool!