Why you need a winter beater in canada!

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  1. And 3 months later it will start getting cold again, I spent my summers in Quebec during my youth and loved it, but it only took one winter to say no more. :flag:
  2. Dude, believe me when I say...Vancouver trumps Guelph every time!:D

    I lived in Guelph for a few years (many years ago now) and while the summers ARE decent, there's more snow in that pic than my front yard has seen in over a year, maybe TWO years.

    Oh, and I think I've seen more II's out here in the last 3 months than I saw in three YEARS in Guelph...and the II was only about 3-4 years out of production when I lived there...:rlaugh:
  3. Sucks to be out east this winter.
    I'm going to get my truck out of storage next days off it's been so nice in Calgary.
    But yeah you definitely need a winter beater in Canada.
    It will be three more months before all the gravel is swept up.
    Not using my truck as a daily driver till then.
  4. You don't have to be in Canada.


    Friday morning the ground was clear.

    By Saturday morning thats pretty much what it looked like. Not a record but bad enough.
  5. I sent 4 II's to the bone yard rusted-out from road salt. The Mach came from Arizona and it will never see snow or salt (well at least in my life time). I saw six II's in Guelph last summer!! (A record number).

    For the record:
    1978 Red King Cobra
    (2) 1975-78 Aqua Coupe(s)
    1975-78 Yellow Coupe
    1978 Silver Cobra
    1978 Blue / Black Mach 1 T-top (mine) LOL

  6. Well, if you include our own, my current tally for the last six months is as follows:

    1x white 78 Cobra II with green stripes
    1x white 78 Cobra II with black stripe (side stripes deleted, scoop missing/replaced by big-ass air filter)
    1x 75-78 V8 dark brown coupe
    1x 75-78 blue coupe
    1x 78 black coupe
    1x 76-77 white/blue stripes Cobra II

    then there's Tony's II's that I see/work on regularly:
    1x yellow King Cobra
    1x 77 Screamin' Yellow Ghia
    1x 77(?) silver Ghia
    1x 78 "swimming pool" Ghia

    then there's my own II's:
    Black on Black custom King Cobra T-top
    78 T-top (currently green)
    78 coupe (stripping for parts)
    77 Cobra II (white/red stripes)
    77 pseudo-Cobra II

    As well as a couple of other II's that Tony and I have gone to look at lately...

    Keep in mind that the last six months INCLUDES what passes for winter here :D

    THIS is why I swear that southwestern BC is truly the muscle-car Mecca of Canada:nice:
  7. I one Premeditated murder (X-WIFE) away from moving to BC. Oh no I have said too much :rlaugh:

  8. Hey what's that white stuff all over your deck? Snow, right? Hmm.... didn't see but a trace of that crap this year....... :D :banana: :rock:
  9. Just HAD to post this!

    Here it is the Ides of March in Canada, and I just saw the first icecream truck of the season come rolling down my street. I hate that damned muzak they play....