1. God Hates Us All!
  2. FYI- The "Lotto" is merely a tax on mathematically challenged individuals. :rlaugh:
  3. nahhh, but i know someone who does! he's commonly portrayed in this color :mad: and will end up in a lake of :flame: .... :owned:

    If you hit the lotto, i think u would just go buy one of the 3 fabled dohc svo motors....lol or a rocket ship, just have someone paint wheels on it, and MUSTANG on the front window...think big ;)
  4. Thats a really good topic for discussion in here. I would be interested to know what you guys would do to your 2.3's or what you would buy if you won the lotto and money was no object. I know what I would do but I already was flamed for my "Dream stang" being rice-injected.....grrrrr,what fo you guys know anyway :uzi::eek: lol, just kidding
  5. If I won the lotto, I'd design my own engine.
  6. If I won the lottery, I'd have some of the best mechanics throw in the best performance parts money could buy, keeping my 2.3 a 2.3, obviously a TC afterwards, making sure that Id run the lil SOB fast as crap, but still keeping it street legal. Its the whole element of surprise, just hand them the car and say "Make me feel like a lil kid at Christmas."
  7. I've been making a list of all the 2.3 turbo cars. I think I am going to try and have one of every one produced.(regardless of whether I win the lottery) :p
    Other than that I think I would start a charity fund for homeless and stripped SVO's and slowly put them back together and find worthy homes. Probably start buying every 5.0 SVO I see.
  8. 1993 Cobra R
  9. That 11.5:1 compression would suck with a turbo.
  10. Yeah but it's built for alcohol. I don't know why that makes a difference, but I think it does. :shrug:
  11. you can run basically any comp. ratio with methanol, 16:1, 11.5:1 with turbo, etc because it cools as it burns, and takes a LOT to make a methanol engine ping. Of course you need twice as much of it fed into the engine to get the same energy out of it as you can from petrol, but that's a different matter.

    There is a guy in one of my magazines that built a 1000HP big block hemi hot-rod roadster, supercharged, and on methanol. It had no radiator, didn't need it.
  12. well with any non-turbo or n/a application, higher compression=good:nice:

    That my understanding anyway.....
  13. Screw the lottery...If I could talk my father into letting go of his Rat...(ie. big block Chevy), I'd shove that bad boy into my 'stang....

    :worship: 454, bored over, stroked....mmmmm

    Just have to weld the frame solid, push the firewall back, and upgrade the suspension a bit...throw in one of Daddy's Muncies....Holley double pumper (750), edelbrock manifolds, longtube headers, straight pipes.....

    Okay...I'll stop dreaming now.....
  14. Depends if you are going to put it back on the street :D
  15. dude, did u take a wrong turn on the forum highway or something? Did you not notice the title of this board: "2.3L Mustang Talk"??

    Not that I cant appreciate good 'ol GM power and gobbs of torque (my first car was a 72 cutlass supreme with a 355 rocket....i wanted the 455 so bad....) but on this board we kind of shun the "I'm faster cuz I have a v-8" guys. well, I do anyway......:)
  16. oh yea I almost forgot: If you have a bored and stroked 454, why are you feeding it through a straw? you could put a 1050 dominator on there and STILL need more fuel. Maybe a tunnel ram........
    oh wait! Im supposed to be shunning you......

  17. I autocross my little 2.3... As for the 454... I don't belive in anything that's not naturally aspirated.... If you have to add something on, I feel for ya....So, if I have to go totally unrealistic, I'll go V-8....
    Plus, that 454 was putting out over 460 HP at the rear wheels in my Dad's truck! (my dad builds drag engines for fun)

  18. Too many people way over-carb their engines....The Holley double pumper is quite sufficient, when adjusted correctly, for enough fuel flow to power that engine to it's limits....I'd rather get 8mpg than 4...
  19. :rolleyes:
    Sounds like you've never ridden in anything that was boosted.

    Both my cars are boosted.

    And I didn't "have to add" the supercharger or turbo. I wanted to. That's the way they'll stay.

    N/A sucks.