1. because people dont have good taste
  2. Is it me or those are really stuff toys on the dashboard ???
    It makes me sick...
  3. It's called dignity and I don't think that guy has any.
  4. Sad

    Sad little boy needs his teddy bear in the car with him! Gees my daughter is 12 and doesn't take stuffed toys into the car anymore.
  5. it looks like a parent hand me down i think.
    im still wondering why he kept it. I would've sold it privately and then bought something more practical for his style.
  6. notice the radioactive emblems on the mirrors.......just means that he is taking some good drugs. That has to be the only explanation for that kind of s**t.
  7. Nice investment!! :nonono:
  8. The sad thing is that he seemed pretty excited in his "Journal Entry"

  9. why is it that people with american cars don't give a crap about what kind of exhaust tip they have. All ricers seem to have the top of the line, hipo, glowing, 9" exhaust tips and they're ecstatic to have it on their car

    Wassup wit dat???????
  10. because we know that the piping configuration and mufffler contribute to the performance and sound.
    not the tip. :)
  11. Its all about the fart can. :D