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  1. amen to that. I'd just rather have a good old fashioned detriot locker for off roading.
  2. u mean to tell me my 8" wont hold up. OMG

    lol, I broke the 8" long long long time ago, built a new motor, went hot rodding around. No traction bars and pow, busted spidergears. LOL
  3. Umm, no offense taken.. well maybe a little. :D I'll try not to get too defensive.

    My stock junkyard motor (71 Montego) that's only guaranteed not to knock, smoke or burn excessive oil will hardly set the world on fire. :rolleyes:

    I guess that was a few posts up where I said that I wasn't going to upgrade the motor until I had everything else done. Also, you'll notice that I'm upgrading the suspension, brakes and "frame" prior to putting the tired 351C in. So, while I'll completely cop to doing things out of order, I think that the "squashed under a semi" comment is a miss. :)

  4. Okay, I'll give you the miss on the "squashed under a semi"; but the "bridge abutment" part was almost spoken from personal experience - with a somewhat tired "nearly stock" '73 Cleveland and stock 9" - in the car they came from Dearborn with. Just "got on it" (my Torino) a very slight amount pulling onto a very slushy Ina Road in Tucson..... Baby swapped ends and I missed by less than a foot the south abutment of the I-10 overpass over Ina; the continued my backwards slip 'n' slide towards on occupied railroad crossing! Good thing I did manage to get her stopped in time; because that moving frieght train was just a bit larger than the average semi :eek:

    And yes, I was absolutely certain that such a thing couldn't happen to a skilled driver such as myself! After all, I had been driving for almost three years before I was old enough for a license and eight years before this happened! Nah, couldn't ever happen to me! :rolleyes:

    Still Dreamin'
  5. My Mustang with the stock 250 I6 and single legged rear end swapped ends on a freeway onramp in the rain. Yes, I got on it a little, but I wasn't pushing it hard or going that fast, IMO. :rolleyes: Luckily there wasn't a hard curb there or anything. I just ended up on a nice flat gravel area off the road. :nonono:

    So, I can say I know where you're coming from. Things can go wrong much more quickly than you expect. I had previously owned an '89 GT, so I also thought I knew what I was doing... wrong! :D
  6. I tend to think it has more to do with the fact that nobody sees the rear end and most people dont drive their cars hard so it will never really matter. Its nice for people to pop the hood and go "scope out my engine" but most dont go "here climb under the car and check out my 9 inch" <----lmao k that sounds strange...

  7. Talkin bout rear ends and 9" ers kinda sounds like your in the wrong forum buddy. :rlaugh: