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  1. For the second time this week I've seen a Ferrari driven crimanaly slow. Today I was stuck behind a realy nice black Ferrari doing like 20 in a 35 zone and swearfed into the other lane. And last weekend pretty much the same thing. I mean why do you spend $100,000 on a car and do that. :shrug: :fuss: At least once I get my Stang I can say it goes faster then a Ferrari. :D
  2. 'cause they leased it.

    Or it is a valet taking it for a spin.

    Or the bosses' car.

    Or it's a high class rental.

    Or they won a contest and get drive it for a week (like a recent radio station contest here.)
  3. I doubt all of the above near me its like one of the 10 ten weathlyest towns in the US here. Wish my family has part of that part. My sister's friend's Nanny that drives a G-Class Mercedes. Most of the people at my school have there parents buy them a BMW they wreck a month after getting there licence.
  4. Sounds like 5 good reasons to beat the crap out of it to me!!
  5. I beat the crap out of my Mercedes...........regularly. :D
  6. I agree but others may not.
  7. Maybe they can't afford a speeding ticket after paying $100,000 for a car.

  8. Where in CT do you live? Theres a couple Ferrarri's roaming around Milford....
    I think they drive it to get the looks, since its hard to stare at a car that is going 100+.

    I do remember one time, seeing a Lambo flying down the Merrit Parkway....
  9. perhaps the guy that bought it is either too stupid, too inept, or too old to drive it like it should be driven.

  10. Or responsible enough to drive it safely and legally.


  11. I think I'd go with the first supposition.
  12. imma just bet both times it was a woman driver :lol:
  13. Weston, theres no one walking to see them only the people getting pissed driving behind them.
  14. Oh dang, burned! :D.

    I figure the only people with enough money to buy a $250,000 car are old farts who tend to drive slow anyway. The majority of 'Vette owners I see are gray haired old men with automatics.
  15. sorry, but unless conditions truely warrent it, driving 15mph under the posted speed limit is not driving safely, it is driving stupidly.
  16. When I would visit my father in CT awhile back, we would always see a ferrari heading south, always red, A few times we caught up to it, and it turned out to be david letterman........Here in az we have multiple ferraris/lambos/lotus's and other exotics that get driven like old woman behind a cadillac. There is a yellow testarosa (sp?) in town that ive pulled on a few times but he never responds back.....old fart :shrug: