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  1. Other than pure greed (unless I am missing something!) why are the CAI's for the new mustangs so gdang expensive? It would be relatively easy to fashion a sealed off area where the stock filter is and use a cone. I did one on a RX7 using rigid insulation. Duplicate the stock hose routing with silicone or smooth rubber.

    What am I missing?

    Tnx Fred

  2. I can think of 2 reasons ..

    One .. Because they are having you pay for the R&D they just did in developing the parts .. and pay for their initial investment to put the product on the market. Once they are out for a period of time they can drop their prices slightly.

    Second .. Because they can . .. Need is high .. want is high .. it's a free market and they can price the parts as high as they want. (Supply and Demand)
  3. Because people are buying them...
  4. My argument for years. I had a 03 Focus. The catback was 1/2 the hardware of a V8, but cost twice as much. There is no new technology in a CAI, and minimal R&D, and an autocad program does most of that.

    The problem is that consumers will not unite against the outragious retail prices.

    Look at the Big3, no one was buying cars, they slashed prices dramaticly.

    If no one bought these overpriced performance parts, prices would be slashed.

    If we all boycotted Exxon Mobile, gas prices would be slashed. I refuse to buy anything at an Exxon Mobile station, they report record earnings every quarter, yet whine that the price of crude oil drives the price at the pump.

    Why does gas go up 10 cents a whack, but falls 1 or 2 cents at a time?

    Anyway, I buy my speed parts used when possible, retail is just to high in most cases.
  5. I think that you have a pretty good handle on it ,,,,,,

    and I've been saying the same thing with the Tuners too.

    There's been way too much greed associated with the `05 Mustang release!!!