Wide Band Mounting

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  1. I am a bit of an inconspicuous person . I want to keep the interior as factory as possible but still have this thing where I can see it any ideas guys ? it's 2 1/16 innovative mtx-l
  2. also where would the best place be to weld the bung for the 02 sensor ?
  3. Wanna say the bung should be after the stock O2 bung and off set in the stream -(not inline) maybe 4-6 inches, think that what i've read before.
  4. I put mine 2-3 inches downstream and offset a little from my stock 02.. Just make sure you mark the pipe while it is on the car so you know it isn't going to hit anything . I didn't, but I got lucky. You want to keep it as close to the front of the car as possible.
  5. ...and NOT mounted in the 6-O'Clock position.
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  6. ^ I can imagine the thread title now. "Help... wideband stopped working after going over speed bumps."
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  7. There you go bragging again. :D
  8. Aka: ...put in da six and you'll take it in da six :rlaugh:
  9. So no Ideas on gauge mounting
    ? I like races thread where he put his plx but then what about the hazards ? Not worried about the defroster because when the window was tinted the lines had to be scraped
  10. Jeff i would put it somewhere you can see it thats for sure i use that gauge more then any of my others to make sure its not leaning out...Im guessing you dont want to use a pillar pod?...thats what i have boost and AF gauge...put it in the vent above the radio and heater controls? Our cars dont really have that many good hiding places...lol
  11. I have it in a pillar pod myself. I def wanted it in line of sight and wasn't concerned about anything else.
  12. You could use the ash tray plate then fold the door to close it and it would look stock, but obviously it wouldn't be in line of sight.
  13. Someone here put it at the defrost button. Search "Post your trick pic" stangnet thread.
  14. @madspeed has his where the hazard switch is.

    Here's an old picture of my car. I had my oil pressure gauge in the left air vent. You can see it there. That would be a pretty good spot for a 2-1/16" AFR gauge.
  15. Here's mine


    I used a 1/8" thick piece of textured abs stock off ebay and trimmed it to fit the opening. It matches almost perfectly, the camera flash creates that shine effect. Its very snug, but can be removed if needed. For the hazard switch, I zip tied it up underneath the dash. It can be reached easily if needed. It must remain plugged in for the rest of the lughts to function properly.
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  16. I have seen pods like this one:


    for 87-93 that DO NOT have the big opening for a tach. Just 3 or 4 of the smaller openings for actual gauges. If you can find one of those, you're in!
  17. Nice Madspeed...for me im a vert so I have 2 switches there....I just did the old boring pillar pod set-up...LOL...
  18. Yeah @madspeed trick pic is pretty slick :cool:
    The left air vent would cut into my DD a/c and heat but what about using the top left speaker, that could be snazzy :shrug:
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  19. Thanks for the suggestions boys I want it in sight as some of you pointed out , I may use the driver vent for boost and the hazard area for the AFR
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