Wide Band Mounting

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  1. I bought a steel plate that installs two gauges below the radio. You could make the same out of plastic of HD sheet metal at home too. It is about as stealth as you can get, even if it is low.
  2. was contemplating the gauge pods one and moving the heater controls down . I am just not into the pillar thing or mounting on the dash
  3. Moving the heater and radio down will be good and look nice if your cables are long enough. Check before spending time on fabrication. It is one of those "might be OK" ideas.
  4. It's been done plenty of times , gaugepods.com custom makes the bezels for our cars
  5. I think you mean gaugeplates.com. That's where I got mine. Super high quality piece.
  6. Yeah that's the one lol slipped my mind at the time . how was the relocation of the heater controls ?
  7. I can't speak about the wiring because I modified the stock harness, but the vacuum lines are long enough if you detach them from where they mount to the heater box. The temp control cable also has plenty of length. I assume the wiring should also be long enough to avoid any splicing.
  8. Cool thanks dude
  9. Once in a while you hear about someone with short wires or cables. But it is a rare problem.
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