Wide rims on the Cobra's...

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  1. Guys a bit of help please...

    I have always loved the good ole bullitt rims... I was looking at getting the set with wider ones out back and was told that there were clearance problems with the IRS... Any experiences with this as I'd really love the staggered look of those fat tires in the back and the nice lip the 10.5"'s have as well. What is the widest tire that anyone has put on their Cobra's in front or out back? I have the Baer big brake kit up front but only the Bear rotors out back wtih the stock calipers so nothing has changed size wise out back as far as I know. and the back is my main concern, as that's where I was told the problem laid... Any help from my fellow SVT freaks would be greatly appreciated... Thanks in advance...
  2. You will need spacers and 3" studs if you use 315's for safety reasons....

    If you don't want a spacer, ONLY sumitomo HTRZ's and Nitto's won't rub.

    I have BFG DR's and had to have a 1/4" spacer and 3" studs and also had to grind a little off my IRS bolt.
  3. my bad guys, I mean't to clarify that I wanted to go down to 17x9/17x10.5" rims n tires. I was more concerned of the brakes hitting... I shoulda clarified more, sry... But thanks for pointing out the IRS bolt, and I would just get the spacers, def would not start grinding on my IRS... Thx for all your help...

  4. Your studs have nothing to do with tire size. There is no safety reason to change stud size unless you have less than 6 threads contact. With only 1/4 spacer you still have plenty of thread. I bet you had to go with open end lugs because your stud extended farther than the stock lugs would handle. Waste of money.

    There will be no issues in the rear clearing with 17" rims. The fronts should not be an issue either. Its usually Brembo calipers that have clearance problems. I have Wilwood forged superlites and I checked the clearance on the stock 17" rim. It fit with no problem. The thing to check is the back space on the rim. If you are going to hit it will be there not on the diameter. I run Hoosier 305 30 18's front and rear.
  5. i love this board!! Im in the situation here. I got a 98 cobra wondering if my fr500 10.5 will fit.

    Im going to run hoosier 315 35 17 on back!

    My question is does my car have the IRS? I dont think it does?

    I worry about the tire hitting the passenger exhasut pipe?

    I guess ill find out here shortly?

  6. You have a solid rear....I am jealous:(
  7. On a 18X10.5 rear rim will a 305/35 Nitto DR fit with the IRS? I found out the hard way that the 335 doesn't, and don't wanna make the same mistake. Has anybody tried this combination with any luck?

  8. So you know someone that has put a Nitto 305/35 DR on a 10.5" rim and didn't have to grind the bolt or get spacers? I just put just the rim on my car with no tire and the bolt is REAL close to hitting the wheel not even considering the tire. I'll try to post the pic. I heard that you can change out the bolt with a button head torx for better clearance, but I don't know how difficult that would be to do. Please help. I got brand new rims and can't put them on the back yet. I want 305/35 nitto DR's to fit. It's killin me:bang:
  9. what what timing here . iam went to my buddys body shop to show him my 03 cobra ,,he has a set of 2 17x10.5 with nittos i belive? 315/35/17 .goping to pick them up from him tommorrow.hes going to let me see how them look!...a will take pics and see if they clear good....see you tommorrow. i wasnt going to put them in the cobra.
  10. Not sure...I am not sure if the 10.5 FR500's won't allow the lug to go far enough....I just know that I have stripped out 4 studs before I went with the 3"ers because I couldn't get it to thread easily.
  11. I had 315/35/17 HTRZ's and didn't have to grind....but when I went to the BFG's I did. I hear that the 315 nittos are ok too.
  12. You stripped them out because they were not on straight. The 3" studs have a extended non threaded part that really helps line the lug up and keeps you from cross threading. Look at the Nascar lugs. They have a really long alignment section because of how fast they have to change tires.
  13. cool, thanks for the tip.