Wideband Air/fuel Gauge, Quick Tuning Question

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  1. Hey guys, just got a quick question. I soon will be getting a Quarterhorse chip for my A9P. I have an AEM wideband air/fuel gauge installed already. I heard that its good to use the wideband gauge to help with the tune, by connecting it to the EGR circuit. I don't have the chip yet, but i was thinking of getting ready. So to use the gauge in data logging, i need to run a wire from the gauge to the computer right? Is only 1 wire needed? 2? 3? I was planning on running the wire so i am ready. Is this all correct? I wont hook the wire(s) up yet, i just wanna get it ran if i even need to do it. Or if there is a better way of using my wideband for the data logging, please let me know. Thanks guys.
  2. Which version of the AEM do you have?


    I'm not sure what you're talking about when you say, "connecting it to the EGR circuit".

    Are you talking about the RPM converter by chance?
  3. not actually sure which version i have. will have to take a look. i bought it new about 1 year ago. if that helps at all.

    And i am not sure about the EGR hookup either. I just heard people hook their wide band to the egr circuit, so they can log it.

  4. I can't think of a good reason why I would want to monitor the EGR. Maybe they're using the EGR input to the EEC to monitor lambda readings from the wideband in order to data log with the quarterhorse. :shrug:
  5. Its not to monitor the EGR, Its just to use the EGR signal to the computer, then i guess the wideband gets data logged.

    I know you need to disable the EGR with the chip first tho.
  6. Yes egr needs turned off to use it to data log. I had my 88 set up like that. If you can't get an answer on this site do a search on eectuning.org, yes I believe it is 1 wire from the gauge to the computer. I forget which pin is the egr on the computer though
  7. Correct
  8. Thanks bro, i just wanted to get ready, so when i get my chip, it will be an easy install.
  9. You prob want to wait to hook up the wire until the egr is disabled in the tune. Have you been on the website doing research yet?
  10. yea i figured that. I have been doing a little research so far. Still have a lot to learn...

  11. Lol... Wait until you start tuning. :eek:
  12. I bought a book by Greg banish that helps to clear some things up about tuning. It can be very confusing that's why I had someone else do my tune, until I have time to figure out the ins and outs of it.
  13. the egr signal wire is based off the same 0 - 5 volt range as the wideband sensor. the egr just needs turned off in the tune, your tuner should be able to handle that
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  14. Thanks bro. Great writeup...