Widest Possible Tires on the new 5.0..??

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I kinda fell from grace about 5 years back. I used to be on stangnet everyday with my '65 mustang fastback. But I somehow got sucked into road racing and have been dominating in my Honda S2k.... I KNOW I KNOW :shrug:

    At any rate, I've gotten to the point with my S where I need to chit or get off the pot. I 'hot-rodded' the engine recently and am making 259rwhp/174rwtq on an N/A setup (a LOT for a 2.0L)...and I'm kicking 255front 295 rear hoosier R6 tires.... I never thought I'd say it, but this Honda MOVES on the race tracks... BUT, I can't help but feel that I want something new despite how much fun the honda is.....

    My '65 fastback has a roller 302 (5.0) stroked to a 331, and welp, I'm getting the bug for another 5.0; albeit, the new 5.0:flag:

    I've pushed the limits of tire width on my honda and will only switch over to the mustang if I know i can get enough tire to fit INSIDE the wheel wells of the new 5.0.

    MY QUESTION is this: What's the maximum width of tire I can realistically fit under the 5.0 with rolled and slightly pulled fenders?? Before you answer, I sadly see WAY too many terminator cobras on the track with 315 rear tires that don't actually fit within the fender lips of the car; they look mexicanized... What WILL fit the 5.0??

    PS: Custom offset CCW wheels is a viable option to get maximum tire under the car.

    Thanks guys!
  2. I guess what I'm shooting for is-->

    18x10" wheels
    275/35-18 tires

    18x11" wheels
    315/30-18 tires

    If tires of this magnitude can't fit under the ride it'll never out-corner my S... So does anybody have experience with max fitment?
  3. Getting a good look at the backside of them Cobra's are you?
  4. Nice try :) . I've run door to door with the Corvette Challenge group on several occassions and ranked high.

    It's actually shocking how few cobras come out to open track events. It's sad really. And then the few jokers I'm talking about with horribly offset wheels have tire sticking a good inch past the body lines... Not only does it look chitty, it prevents suspension articulation and creates extreme tire-to-fender 'rubbage.'

    Does anyone have experience with maximum tire fitment under these rides??
  5. I'd like to know also. I saw a picture of one with 315's and they looked like they stick out a bit. Just as a guess I' say 305 might be the limit.
  6. Prob not much help but AM offers staggered sets and the widest I've seen is 285. 305's might be it though:shrug:
  7. jonare you a racist?
  8. I run a 305/35/18 mt et drag radial on an am 18x10 wheel and there is plenty room left with the right bs and offset.
  9. Well, I felt the fender wells of my '12 GT---the fenders are ROLLED, came from the factory like this...i was gonna get 285's BUT the reply before mine said 305's fit---I also want the MAX inner-fender width...soo I guess I'll go to tire shop & see what'll fit...

  10. --is that 'short' for racing enthusiast??;)
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  11. Well...?
  12. ...uh, what?
  13. I think we are wondering if you got to the tire shop and found what the largest tire is that fits.
  14. ----Well, gonna get 285/40-18 from perf.muscle...I'll tell ya how it goes.
  15. Any update on this? I am also curious as the stock 255s don't do much justice in the grip department
  16. I just put new rims and tires on my 11 GT. Like the man said, the fenders are rolled from the factory, and I have 275/35-20's on 9-1/2" rims front and 315/35-20's on 11" rims rear- absolutely no clearance problems. I have heard of guys running 335 series on the rear, but I understand that you have to remove the rear shock boots to do this...