Wheels-Tires Widest Tire You Can Fit By Flipping Your Quad Shocks?

Jakob Fields

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Nov 6, 2015
I got a 95 Mustang yesterday, I want to buy new rims and I found a good deal on some 17x10.5 rims and I read on the website that you may have to flip or remove your quad shocks to fit. I have seen on other forums that people have flipped their quad shocks for clearance for a 275 tire and the recommended tire size for those rims is 315. So I just was wondering if I should look for different rims or could I fit the 315s without having to completely remove the quad shocks?
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Aug 11, 2013
Cleveland OH Area
I run a 10.5 with a 275, and flipped the quad shocks (in my case the wheel and not the tire was getting closer than I wanted, I don't think I actually had to flip them but did anyways). You'd need to know the exact back-spacing of the wheel, and all tires aren't created equal (some will bulge more than others in a 315). That's probably why you're seeing so many different answers when researching. With a properly backspaced 10.5, and a 275, you most likely will get away with just a flipping, if even that is needed. With a 315, you might have to remove the quad shocks. That won't be the end of the world if you have to, but I went with the 275 because I didn't want to replace the stock control arms to compensate for the quad-shock removal, which is what I've seen recommended to fix the wheel-hop that stock control arms without the quad-shocks will cause.


Sep 17, 2009
Fresno, Californ-I-A
I'm running a 315/30R17 with no clearance issues. Quad shock and all is still in it's factory spot. Just have to massage the inner fender lining at the rear of the wheel well so it doesn't hit the tire.


Sep 17, 2009
Fresno, Californ-I-A
These are the wheels I'm running. Not very much modifying at all.


Manufacturer: AmericanMuscle Wheels Style: FR500
Size: 17x9 / 17x10 Finish: Chrome
Placement: Front and Rear Centercap Size: Large (2-1/2")
Back Spacing: 6.2" (158mm) / 6.8" (174mm) Offset: +30mm (1.2") / +27mm (1.10")
Bolt Pattern: 5x4.5" (5x114.3mm) Weight: Front: 22.6 lbs / Rear: 26.2 lbs
Material: Aluminum Lip Size : N/A" 5"
Best Tire : Year/Model: 1994-1998 V6, GT, and SVT Cobra
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