Widest tires possible for 2011 V6

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by jamaaltaylor, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    I have a 2011 V6 (no special packages). I am about to order the Boss 338 wheels - 20X8.5 front and 20X10 rear. What is the widest possible tire that will fit on my car?

    Can you also suggest the best side wall height?

    Thank you,
  2. For the front, a 255/35/20 should be sufficient but you could go with a larger sidewall if you want (maybe 40 series). As for the rear, you could use a 295/35/20 but I would suggest going with a 275/35/20 as its diameter is within 1.5mm (.05 inches) of the stock size which means you won't have to worry about reprogramming your speedo
  3. awesome.. much thanks!!