1. My buddy just bought an 88 GT (pictured below). It's got the whole HCI thing done. I drove it back most of the way (200 miles). It didn't take me long to realize that 1st gear was USELESS.

    Me -> :scratch:

    Then I get on the highway and I'm in 5th gear at 70 mph turning a little over 3,000 RPM.

    Me -> :fuss:

    I could floor the car in 5th and scare myself to death. So when we got back I used an online calculator and found that for an 88 GT, at 70 mph and 3100 rpm it would have to have a 4.90 gear ratio :jaw:

    Another one for the WTF file until he gets the gears out and counts the teeth. I bet that transmission isn't stock...

    Thoughts? Questions? Quips?

  2. Beautiful car. My father-n-law runs 5.13's, but it sees 8800rpms and no street time.

  3. assuming your speedo is correct and a tire diameter a little under 26" and a .68 od its probably got a 4.56 in it.
  4. Yeah I'm with Clement, bet it's 4.56's. Don't fear the gear!
  5. Don't fear the gear... Unless you've got 4.56s in a street car haha.
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  6. It probably has a 4-cylinder T-5 in it.

    3.79 first gear ratio and either a .79 or .85 5th gear ratio in those bad boys. Toss some 3.73's in the rear and you've got truck gearing

    Do your calculator based on that and see what you get for numbers
  7. Nice whip there!

  8. ^^^^ check the tranny first!!!
  9. i agree with Mike. probably has a 4 banger t5. you can jack the rear end up, rotate a wheel one full rotation, and count how many times the driveshaft spins. a little over 4 rotations = 4.10's, ~4 1/2 spins = 4.56's, and so on.
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  10. Ha....tell him that when he gets smoked by a guy running 3.55's. :D
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  11. Did he purchase this car online like Ebay or something? With a test drive he'd of known the gearing was way to high and that would've been a negotiating factor to get the price down a bit. How much did he pay for that thing?
  12. He's at home tinkering now. The tach was off by 1000 for one thing. Bu t when you turn the wheel and measure the driveshaft it puts it at 2.73s. Transmission HAS to be a 4 cylinder just as 5L5 and others have said.
  13. He'll have to pull that tranny and check for a bushing I'm guessing.