Wierd ?...how much wieght for snow

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by BlownStangGT, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. well, unlike some I am not privledged enough to have more then one car haha. So I am about to go to lows and get some sand or soemthing for the back of my car. How much weight should I ahve to put back there to help the most? Thanx
  2. Well I have put 200lbs in there before when I had too, the issue is if you were to have an accident it could fly up and smack you...not a good deal.

    I used a product called Cattle Grip, basically limestone mix and this also helped when I got it stuck. Man I don't miss that, no Mustang goes anywhere in the snow unless it has a set of Blizzacks on the rear.
  3. LOL I had a set of Blizzacks last year that worked decnt...but DAMN did they smell when U did a nasty burn out hahahaha...I will probably try to put it down where my spare tire goes and see if that works
  4. 3 80lb bags of sand and som 225/50 Glacier Grips and look out. Who needs a 4x4
  5. Thanx guys ...im headed out to lows now and see what I can find...thanx for thehelp
  6. I got my stuff from Southern States, really cheap like $1.69 a bag or something...that was a few years back but it's only rock..lol
  7. When I lived in Rochester I used to put 100 lbs of sand in the trunk, and this worked well. I also had bridgestone blizzak snow tires (awesome, night and day difference), and I used to bypass the supercharger in the winter. With these mods and a manual tranny it was actually a decent car in the snow (and we're talking about 95+ inches per winter).
  8. 1 bag of concrete mix, and Blizzaks on all 4 corners. No problems at all.
  9. well I got 200 lbs of gravel in there now so we will see