Electrical Wierdest Electrical Problem I Have Had Yet

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  1. I don't drive my car much. It's an 04 with 88,xxx miles. The problem I have been having is that when the car sits for a few days the remote, auto down on the window, no door chime, no door lock even when pressing the button and the wipers don't work. Then, randomly if I drive for an extended period of time they randomly start working and will work the rest of the day and maybe the next day if I drive it. If not, it goes back to not working.

    Relevant information, wiper motor was replaced about a year ago, all fuses are good.

    Any thoughts? I don't want to be stuck out on the road here in Florida's rainy season.
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  2. Could the multifunction switch have anything to do with it?
  3. Is there the possibility of a moisture build up in the door or the dash board area?
  4. Everything is good as far as moisture build up. This one has me completely stumped. I was either thinking multi function switch or one of the GEM's?
  5. GEM was bad. Found a NOS one online with 2 new remotes. 20 mins worth of work and, problem solved. Didn't even have to program it and the remotes worked first try.