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  1. That is a good thing when you want a new car. Anybody got prices for the GT yet? Been gone for a while havent kept up with you guys.
  2. My women get excited too. They love my Mustangs. They want me to have my Mustangs appear on the Surreal Show.
  3. off topic....

    hey ron, aren't you guys done taping the whole season of Surreal? Or are you still in the middle of it?
  4. oh and I wish my woman was excited about it. she doesn't want me to get rid of my 86 cause she bought it as a present for me (which I can totally understand - and I'll try not to sell it), and she doesn't see why I would need a new car (or how I could afford it)
  5. Ron: Are you going to be hosting this year at Roselawn again? If so, why don't you bring one of your 'Stangs there?
  6. Sticker price is anyone's guess. Rumors have it around $27K....but I can't imagine it will b that $$$ for long.
  7. Ok...sorry off topic but I have to ask and please don't flame me for asking a stupid question. Are you "THE" Ron Jeremy, actor? If you are, I don't understand why you would want a V6 Mustang. You should be able to afford a Saleen Mustang I would think. Don't guys like you make tons of bucks? If you are, I think it's pretty cool that you spend time here. I've never actually met any one famous but I would imagine that mostly, once they become famous they have no time for "ordinary, everyday joes" like us. :nice:
  8. Men in porno movies make squat. These days its the women who are making all the money. :rlaugh:
  9. The answer is YES. I am the REAL Ron Jeremy. I'm just a regular guy just like everyone else in here. I used to own a few Mustangs back when I was going thru high school and college. I love Mustang cars. So, that's why I still own these vehicles.

    I'm sorry that I didn't get back to answer all your questions in here. I have been very busy with the Surreal Life Show. I haven't had much time to get online and post in here. I'm going to new York and maybe to Indiana later on this week, so I am trying to finish filming the show by Thursday. Some night club wants me to go and sign autographs and do some public relations work for them so I might be travelling to Indiana and N.Y. on Thursday afternoon.

    I'm glad to be back in here though.

    I own a Mustang V6 because I don't need a second V8 GT Mustang. A V6 is good enough for me when I already own a GT. I actually have my V6 Mustang stored in New York state. That's where I'm originally from and I like to fly back to N.Y every other week. I drive my V6 whenever I'm staying in N.Y.. I like driving it all year round there. I just went skiing a few weeks ago with my V6 Mustang in upstate N.Y. and I didn't have any trouble driving it in the snow. I get lots of complements with my V6 even though it's not a GT.

    Here in California, I have my other Mustang. It's a GT, but I don't drive it very much. I also own a Lincoln LSC and a Rolls Royce Bentley. I am usually chauffeured around in my Rolls during the taping of the Surreal Life Show or whenever I am making any of my flicks. And when I'm not in need of a chauffeur, I usually drive my Mustang GT or my Lincoln LSC here in Hollywood. Personally, I don't like the looks of the Saleen. It looks too pimped out. I do like the Roush, Mach1 and Cobra Mustang though. My next Mustang will be the 2007 Mustang Cobra if I like the way it looks. If not, then I will buy another Mustang GT or maybe a Mach1 or BOSS.

    To answer your other question about why I haven't shown my Mustang GT on the t.v. show yet. My producer and director are the ones who haven't let me do this. I have brought this up to them a number of times, but they tell me that my Mustang GT has nothing to do with the show. I am still trying to get my GT on the t.v. show. I am not going to give up. Anyways, if you watch my show again this Sunday, you will love it. I hope that you can check it out. Ta Ta.
  10. Hey Ron Jeremy, why didn't you answer my Roselawn question? And you know, if you are tired of being asked if you are the real Ron Jeremy why don't you post a picture of yourself with your Mustangs? You can even use it as your avatar. If you are the real one then we all know you aren't camera shy.
  11. Hey Ron,
    Are you ever going to show Tracy Bingham your "best asset" so she will leave you alone? hahahahahahaha!
    A buddy of mine watches and wants to know.
  12. Thanks for answering my question Ron. :)
  13. Hey Manic,
    Chill a little. The last thing he needs to do is prove he's Ron Jeremy. Give the man the benefit of the doubt, he's a mustang fan. Ron, good to have you on the boards.
  14. *sighs* I never questioned him on where he was real or not, I asked him if he was going to be at a show again this year. It was Wylde that was questioning if he was the real guy or not. All I did was make a sugestion on how he can answer people's question about whether he's the real guy or not without having to explain it all the time. I've seen that question being asked on several different threads now. I don't care if he is or isn't, I'm here for Mustangs, not MALE **** stars. If Jenna Jameson started posting, I might be interested.

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  15. sorry...I was just curious. Could have just been a fluke he had the same name, or maybe he was a fan. But when he posted about the Sureal Life that sparked my curiousity. I believe him.
  16. ManicMustangMan,

    Yes, I will be at Roselawn this year again. I have been hosting the Roselawn event in Indiana now for quite a few years and all the people that go to it have lots of fun. The Roselawn event is held at the Ponderosa Sun Club Nudist Resort in Roselawn. This nudist event has been held there now for the past 26 years. This year will be our 27th year. I enjoy very much hosting this event. I am looking forward to hosting it again this summer. :nice: I have never thought of bringing my Mustang GT to Roselawn. To bring my own Mustang GT to Roselawn, I would have to drive it all the way from California and that's a very long way. What I may do is rent a Mustang GT from a local Ford dealership during my stay at Roselawn this coming summer. It's easier that way. Plus, I always fly when I am called upon to host different events all around the country. If I were to drive everywhere, I wouldn't be able to get to the various events with my very busy schedule that I have. I will first have to check and ask around to see if any Ford dealer around the local Roselawn area can actually rent me a Mustang GT for a week. I like the idea of driving a Mustang to the nudist resort there. ManicMustangMan, I will keep your great idea in mind and will try to see if it's possible for me to rent and drive a Mustang GT while staying in Roselawn this summer.

    Guess what? This year I have also been called upon to do some teaching at a University in California. The University's name is Erotic University. This is a real university where only couples and women go to explore the world of erotica. I have been hired there as a professor to teach various courses there to couples and to singles. I used to teach special education back in the 70's before I got into making flicks. I used to love teaching. I have a masters degree in special education. Being able to get the opportunity to teach again is really exciting. I know that I'm going to have lots of fun teaching there. I can't wait. :D

    Anyways, I hope that I have answered all your questions here. I am looking forward to seeing you all at Roselawn this summer. You will have lots of fun if you go. :nice: :banana:
  17. I can see it now, a Stangnet Forum Members party at Roselawn this year! It will be half nudist event, half Mustang car show! What could be better?
  18. You'd be surprised how many of the pretty girls who go to the nudist resort at the Ponderosa Sun Club love Mustangs.
  19. :hail2: :hail2: :hail2:

    Ron, you are an inspiration to us average guys everywhere! Glad to see you on here! :nice:
  20. :hail2:
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