Wife Picked up Her New Stang today

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  1. My wife picked up her new Stang today. 05 V6 Torch red/black/black Convert with all the options except side air bags and upgraded alarm. SHE LOVES IT!!!!

    A Few Questions:

    Dealer drilled the bumper for a plate and we don't require them in our province - any suggestions for something to cover the plate indent on the front bumper?

    Planning on new wheels - 18's any one got pics?

    She wants some fog lights - experience with installing the GT grill and fogs? - Saw the thread on the "pony package" and that might be an option if we can find all the parts.

    Has anyone found H13 Silverstar bulbs for the headlights? Haven't had it out in the dark yet but suspect we will want to upgrade the lights as we live in the country and need to see the deer in the dark so we won't hit one.

    This is FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. :spot:
  2. CascoTech on ebay has the GT body kit for around $600 I think. That would fix your front tag indent and give you fog lights. I think for $1200 you can get the whole GT kit with the body kit, wheels/tires and mufflers. The wheels are 17" though. :shrug:
  3. Thanks for the links - lots of great stuff. Asked a few questions on the GT body kit and will see what info I get back.
  4. i have heard that Mike at Casco has been hard to reach and that he has changed alot of his policies etc....
    when i dealt with him I didnt have a problem....
  5. Hard to reach indeed. I've sent several emails over the last week ready to buy the GT front end w/grill but no answer...
  6. :shrug: I have Never had a problem reaching him :shrug: . Including last week when i ordered the GT Suspension set (springs, shocks, front and rear sway bars). :banana:

    I know he only likes phone calls. So if anyone trying to reach him is having a hard time by email phone him. I only ever emailed him once, several months ago, and his response was "Call Me".

    So maybe give that a try, you sure won't beat his prices
  7. Yeah... try calling Mike... not everyone is so computer friendly, even if they have a web site.
  8. Yup, calling Mikes the way to go.

    Nothing I can think of you can do to the front bumper except replace it... sorry =\ Its a few hundred on its own (around 300 I believe.) If you need a better price on it, try Kevin (KCStang.) He can come up with some really good deals.

    Theres no aftermarket company out right now that produced GT replica lights -that work with our bumper.

    Here are some good threads over on TMS:


  9. HOLD ON !!!

    There are 2006 OEM 18" bullit wheels coming VERY soon.
  10. Doh!