Wife said I could get an 03-04 Cobra...what are the best 1st mods?????

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 95.0Stang, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. Finally convinced her to let me shop around and look for the best deal on an 03-04 Cobra, hopefully have it in a month or so, what are the best first mods to get for these cars, and what kind of power do they make???
  2. Ha!Ha!...I feel your pain, "WIFE SAID"...that's a good one!!!

    P.S. They make great power...cat back and CAI to start!!
  3. Congrats on your new purchase!
    I'd do a CAI and a catback to start with!
  4. KNN FIPK, Magnaflow catback, Magnaflow X-pipe
  5. JLT True CAI
    magnaflows are too quiet, go bassani or borla or JBA, and Dr Gas O/R X pipe for some real gains. :)
  6. Like evryone else said, CAI and exhaust to start, plus a tune. Then if warranty is not an issue, pulley the **** and get stock in new tires. :nice:
  7. Like everyone said and you'll be looking at right around 500 crank hp !
  8. Does anyone have a link to the "Preadator Power Tuner" and will it work on an '04Cobra?
  9. [QUOTE='02MysticBlue]Does anyone have a link to the "Preadator Power Tuner" and will it work on an '04Cobra?[/QUOTE]
    I don't have a link but if you do a search, if it's working, you should be able to get the info you need. Check out svtperformance.com also, they have tons of info on it also. If you go that route, order from [email protected] or Amazon Racing, both will give you custom tunes with your Predator. :nice:
  10. Now she is saying she would rather I get a 99 or 01...not sure why, but her not making up her mind is starting to tick me off...sorry for the rant
  11. Even if u get a 99-01 Still start with the exhaust and cold air
  12. Congrats on the car and let me know if I can help you out.
  13. Sorry if this may be off topic and uncalled for but has anyone ever tried putting a 1999-2002 GT wing on an 03 Cobra? I personally think it would looke better than that flush mounted piece...just curious.

    Congratulations on a Cobra, enjoy the HP!
  14. ahhh

    screw cat backs and cais. I did a 2.80 pulley and superchip tune first. It was awesome having a stock sounding car that ran 11.7 on DRs

    be different change your pulley first...your car won't sound fast but it will kick everyones ass