wife wants V-8 sound???

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  1. out of her 99 v-6 is this possible????she dont want to sound like a honda..please help me help her,,, :shrug: sound clips would be nice...if got any or what kind of system you suggest???thanks

  2. :rolleyes: ... :damnit: If you want V8 sound, go get a friggin V8. If one more person goes off about how they want a 4.6 sound from a 3.8 motor, I swear I'm gonna :chair: 3.8s done well do not sound like Hondas..that's another common misconception. As for what exhaust to go with, I like dual flowmasters but it's all personal preference. I would suggest using the search button and checking out all the exhaust posts that have already been made.
  3. so it will sound ricey???? :shrug:
  4. :rolleyes: ..ok. Sorry if I wasn't clear about this. What I meant to say was, unless you put a V8 under the hood, then you get no V8 sound. That does not mean that you can't get a great sounding V6. A V6 with a proper setup will NOT SOUND LIKE RICE at all...you won't get the popping sound that is common with alot of 4 bangers. In low RPM's, you get a nice deep tone to it, and at high RPMs, you get an old school Jaguar sound.(I know I was just talking about this in the other thread. :nice: ). If you're worried about sounding like a pack of pi$$ed off bumble bees, then you'll be happy to know it doesn't sound like that. On the other hand, if you think your V6 is going to rumble like a GT, you're going to be sorely disappointed. The V8 costs more money for a reason. So, my professional 1:15 in the morning advice is this: Get dual flowmasters on your V6 and call it good. If the wife isn't happy with that and wants a deeper sound, have her pick up the local paper and start job hunting b/c you're gonna need some extra cash to put down along with your V6 trade to get the V8, b/c the only way to get a V8 rumble is with a V8. Other than that, good luck. :cheers:
  5. With a set of flows, or MAC's......or most any dual exhaust system, your car will sound somewhat similiar to a V8 from about idle to about 2500 rpm, past that it will sound like a 6. Just make sure you keep atleast 2 of the cats for your mid pipe, if not all 4, a O/R H or X will make your exhaust sound really raspy on a 6. My suggestion is to get dual flows, MAC's or if you want a side exhaust Spintech makes a very nice kit for the V6, I've heard them in person and they sound pretty nice. Also...I would suggest looking at www.mustangexhaust.com they have some clips there that might give you some help as far as determining the sound. But like what was said before, do not expect to have it sounding like a V8 cause it wont, however that doesn't mean you can't have a good sound 6, or a close to V8 like sound.
  6. RGR Is coming out with a odd-fire cam shaft that might make our cars sound a lot like the V-8's. But, I personaly say be proud of what you have.
  7. It won't sound like rice, but not a V8 either, it has a more agressive tone then any rice you'll hear. After 2500 you can tell it is a 6, but till then unless you really listen it would tough to tell teh diff in my opinion. It will always sound deeper than a 4 banger, as the 8 does to the 6. I have Magnaflows and couldn't be happier, but it definately won't be an 8. If it's for the wife I'm sure she would appreciate the sound, not that I know her, but it will sound aggresive enough I'm sure.

    I would stay away from an X pipe unless you get a power adder as I think this gives it more of a ricey sound, thats my only advice, and I'm sure some will disagree.

    The cam from RGR is alittle bit outlandish for me, you have to switch a couple of plug wires and with the cam will lose a couple of ponies, but apparently it makes the firing order uneven to give it a V8ish sound??? :shrug: I wanna see it on someone elses car before I would ever consider it, plus I am pround of the way my car sounds.
  8. you beat me to it :D
  9. RGR`s idea of having an odd fire cam will not produce much different sound from an even fire.

    he will also have to mate the cam to an odd fire crank for it to work.

    buick`s old odd fire 3.8`s sound exactly the same as the ford 3.8 with similar exhaust.

    the fact is the 90 degree v6 will never sound like an 8. but are almost identical to the racing jaguars of the 60`s and even sound similar to a v12

    i have flowmaster 40 series mufflers on my car and it sounds great. not a v8 sound but nice. who ever said if it doesn`t sound like a v8 it`s rice has no clue about engines and cars and needs to watch some vintage euro car races
  10. thanks i dont know what to do yet she needs a muffler bad shes got a 99 v-6 35th,annv,conv,,,she also wants me to paint it blue its white now i told her it would be better to get her a v-8 thats allready blue ,,she doesnt nessisarly need a conv, gt...she just pissed every time i start my 99 cobra she wants it to sound like that,,told her no way ,,but i would do a post for her ,,,blue 4.6 gt ,,,right????sell hers...
  11. That may be the better Idea to trade up! Then pick up an exhaust.

  12. :damnit: Another person who wants a Cobra from a V6. :bang: :mad: Ok, since apparently she's not going to be happy until she has a V8 rumble, get the V8. :nonono: ...friggin Cobras do not sound like the end all be all of exhaust systems but for some odd reason, everyone with a V6 just HAS to have the sound of a SVT. :damnit: Ok, I'm making a point to not even read anymore exhaust question threads b/c all they do is pi$$ me off. :nonono:
  13. Cams, strokers, full exhaust, whatever.....if it has a total of 6 cylinders, it will sound like that. If it has 8 cylinders, it will sound like that. If you have 6 cylinders, no matter what, it WON'T sound like a car with 8 cylinders...NO MATTER WHAT!

    Easy enough to understand? :nice:

  15. Umm...I don't want my V6 to sound like a Cobra...I want it to sound like the S7!!!!!!!!!! :banana: :p :rlaugh:

    Just playing with ya! Mods here should do what the mod over at 3.8 do: :lock: threads like this and inform the poster to use the search button. :nice:
  16. I'd like a 7.5L sound rather than a 4.6L sound :D
  17. You havent even been here that long
  18. she dont want my cobra long tube headder sound ,,she just wants a 4.6 sound with flowmasters,,thats all.people.....the muffler shop here in town said to run stock turbo mufflers into true dauls with cats ,,,what you think dont have the cash out put right now for a diff. car ,, because im building a 408 for my 83gt..you can spend 6 grand in no time flat...
  19. My point EXACTLY. I haven't been here THAT long and already I'm tired of people asking "How come my V6 sounds like...well...a V6? That sucks, I want a V8!" Ok, well then, go blow the extra 5k to get one if it means that much to you. I'll just keep my V6 and be happy it sounds like it does.
  20. :lol: That's pretty funny..lol. You know, I guess some people think I'm an a$$hole (not refering to u by the way....although I guess you might.. :D lol.) b/c I get tired of talking about exhaust questions. If so, I apologize, but it drives me nutz to hear the same exact question that has been asked about 500 times. V6 Mustang = $18k GT= $25k . I ask you, do you think that the two are going to sound the same with the V6 missing two cylinders from the GT? It's just not possible, as someone already pointed out. That be like owning a Neon and asking, "How can I make this sound like a Viper GTS?" In case there's any SRT-4 guys reading this who have actually been asking themselves this question (somewhere I'm sure there's someone trying), you can't do it. The bigger the engine, the deeper the rumble. That's just the way it is, so why complain about having a V6 with nice V6 sound? :shrug: