wife wants V-8 sound???

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  1. It's all personal preference. You like yours the way it is, we like ours the way it is. If you want yours to sound like a nice V6, more power to you. You shouldn't spite people for having differing opinions that yourself.

    Besides, not everyone can afford a GT. I'm going for as close to a GT sound as I can get, but there's no way I could ever afford one. My car was $13000, the same year GT would've been easily $20000, and that doesn't include the mods I would want to do, let alone insurance.
  2. i posted this ,, should i just leave it alone????stock exhast??? :shrug:
  3. If she wants a V8 sound and will be dissapointed with anything less, then yes, leave it alone because a V8 sound just ain't gonna happen. Sorry :shrug:
  4. you should have HER listen to some of the clips on www.mustangexhaust.com and let her decide what she wants.... if anything at all. you can still get a nice sound out of the v6. like it was posted above, some exhausts sound similar to the v8 until around 2500 rpm. i have the bassani cat-back, and i'm a lot more happy having it rather than the stock exhaust sound. just let her listen to some of those sound clips.
  5. i have true duals with 2 sm. turbo exhaust... only 2in pipeing...... its a not a deep throaty sound liek the v8s however....but its nice ... ive had alot of compliments on how loud it is for a v6...even people who told me not to do it since its only a v6and it would sound horrible like it........(may be selling it soon to for cheap... so e-mail me if your interested) .. i need to go with bigger pipeing
  6. i have 2.25 in piping and 18 inch glass packs. i have a nice deep throaty sound. to the untrained ear it would sound like a V8. I can tell by the firing its not, but i already had people ask if i had a 5.0. Sad... :nonono: I know.

    But beside the point. It still sounds really nice, not ricey at all.

    Rice :rlaugh:

    to bad i have one of those too. :nonono:
  7. I forgot to mention, its not a :uzi: honda.

    its a ricey escort... :rlaugh: pushing about 180 hp. I am working on getting the mustang to beat its peak time. style first though. gets the girls. :OT: I know... :bang:
  8. I agree with Mean03V6 - get a V8 ;) I know that's a bit more pricey than just slapping some exhaust on there, but what's the point of making an engine sound like a V8 when it's really not?

    You can make your V6 sound fine with flowmasters or the like, but it won't sound like a V8, so don't be disappointed! =)
  9. get a v8 dude
  10. my 6 sounded pretty good with dumped dual flows. but never like an 8.
  11. Instead of making a V6 attempt to sound like something it is not...and I don't give a **** what your car sounds like...only a deaf person would not pick up that it is a V6...I would rather have a nice whine coming from under the hood.
  12. i like the sound of the delta 40 mufflers and h pipe what do you think ??thanks for that great link,,,they are flows i know but what h pipe are they using>>cats or no cats?????
  13. Get cats, without them you will sound very tinny/ricey, you won't like it at all. It flows better but sounds like ass.
  14. i have dual flowmaster on mine.. sounds good.
  15. well, i looked at the link later on and realized that there weren't as many sound clips for the v6 as i remembered being on there. i think that sound clip you're talking about is decent; i have bassani exhaust (b/c i like to be different and not have flows like everyone else) and i wouldn't trade it. other people say that mac and magnaflow have nice deep tones, as well as borla (but you'll pay out the butt for borla exhaust). you can also check out the reviews on this site to see how people rate the different exhausts. http://reviews.stangnet.com/index.php?cat=6