wifes 2001 3.8 overheated!

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  1. Hi guyz, I jus wanna see if I can get a lil input from the v6 guys about my wifes car. Here we go, we went out to twn today, the car ran great as always, me and my 4 yr old daughter sat in the car with the A/C running while my wife and my two yr old went into the Drs office. Car runnig mind you, for about 30=45 mins. We left and ofcourse had to stop and get happy meals, while we were waiting I noticed that the heat hand was a lil high ( higher than Iv ever notice before ), but not near pegging out. We started to pull out and I hurd sumthin pop followed by a ticking sound that sounded kinda like a valve ratteling. I notice the heat hand goimg up so I immediately thought it was a broken belt, so I pulled to the side to check it out, no broken belt. The fan kicked on, and that was the sound that I was hearing. So,,,, I know the fan is bad, but all the way home ( and we have to pull a pretty good size mountain to get back home ) the car never overheated again. It was over 90 degrees today. Could the A/C have caused it to overheat. Im not familiar with A/C caause its the 1st car Iv owned thats had it. Sorry for the long post, any advice wud be greatly appriciated!!!
  2. No advice???? Thanx alot V6 guys!!!!
  3. hello ,

    you said the fan kicked on so u know its bad ... dosent make a lot of sence to me as if the fan was bad it wouldnt of kicked on ... anyways i cant see that the ac would cause the car to over heat but then im no ac expert ... u could try flushing, the cooling system out and, refilling with new coolent . at the same time back flush the rad out make sure there no crap init ... once u done that ,if it still over heats have a pressure test done on the cooling system. that can tell u if u got any leaks or failing gaskets ... also maybe worth changing the thermostat at the same time as doin the coolent .. hope that helps u out ..
    good luck with it
    richard.. a v6 guy ...